My BIG Brother Has A Teenie Weenie

It all started one night when our parents went out of town for the weekend leaving my Big brother in charge, and my best friend Liza was staying over.  We were in family room watching a porn DVD we found when we were snooping around in my brother’s room.  We both turned 16 this year and we’d been obsessed with looking at and watching cocks in action.

  Whenever Liza came over we always sneaked into my brother’s room to steal one of his porn DVDs while he was in the shower or out at a party to watch after everyone was asleep.  I don’t know what made us hotter seeing those BIG dicks in the movie, or imagining my brother beating off to that same movie we were watching.  Liza always had a crush on my brother, but me on the other hand I was the biggest slut in our school.

“Stop the DVD I think I hear my brother opening the door.”  You would have to be completely deaf not to hear him. LOL  Whenever our parents left for the weekend he would go out drinking with his friends and come home shit faced; and stagger to his room to pass out.  “Lets go say hi to my brother, he’s hilarious when he’s drunk.”  Plus it was the only time he would let us hang out with him, because we were still “kids”.  When we got to his door it was already cracked open pushing it open a little more so we could peak in of course it was pitch black.

  I flipped on his table light and there he was passed out on his bed in his unbuttoned trousers.

  I called his name really loud to see if he would wake up but he just groaned and started to snore.  My brother was out cold, and then it happened I looked at Liza, “are you thinking what I’m thinking Liza?”  She gave me a devilish grin and nodded in agreement.

“I’ve seen my brother like this before, you could kick the shit out of him and he still wouldn’t wake up.”  So here was our chance not only to see the dick of an older man up close and personal but to also see the dick of the guy that makes her pussy wet.  As we got closer she grabbed my arm and whispered, “but he’s your brother…”  I just shrugged and said, “so what a dicks a dick to me and besides I’ve wanted to see what my big brother has in his pants too.”  In seconds we were on top of him grabbing hold of his pants and briefs and pulling them off his feet.  Our mouths dropped open as we looked at his tiny shriveled excuse for a cock.

“Holy shit!!  It’s so damn small is it cold in here or something?”  I started laughing uncontrollably we had never seen any cock look like this in the movies, and sad state it was!  It was the smallest cock we ever seen, and it was so sad it was pathetic.  Liza looked at me in shock, “why are you laughing??  I think it’s really sick Ashley, we need to help it!!”  “It’s not sick Liza, it just asleep see its soft and well very fucking small.”  Reaching out I tapped on the tip of the mushroom head, “well, how do we wake it up and make it bigger?”

  I couldn’t help but giggle, I knew a few things with my hands but it wasn’t getting much bigger than my pinky.

  His teenie weenie wasn’t even thick enough to grab a hold of, now I understood why my brother’s girlfriends didn’t stay with for longer than a couple of weeks.  I pinched the little stem below the tiny mushroom head with my thumb and pointy finger and swung it around in tiny, tiny circles.  In seconds my brother’s teenie weenie was rock hard, and barely the size of my middle finger.  I stop myself from laughing again as I let go of his tiny cock so we could have a better look.

“How long until it gets as big as the ones in his DVDs??”  Still laughing I answered Liza, “that’s as big as it gets sweetie.”  “Are you sure it’s so, so…small Ashley.”  I just lost it, I started to laugh hysterically again collapsing to the floor.  I now knew his tiny, pathetic secret and it made my pussy wet knowing the power I now had over my “big” brother.  Liza looked at me with a pout and said, “you’ve seen a lot of cocks, where any of them like this?”  “Guys I sucked in seventh grade had bigger cocks!”  “This is so disappointing I was hoping for a monster, but the more I look at it, it’s kinda cute.”

Reaching out Liza grabbed it and completely covered his teenie weenie there as nothing to see. I didn’t even see his tiny head sticking out the top.  She started jerking off his teenie weenie in her palm.  After 3 strokes he shot his load right in the palm of her hand.  My big brother surprised me with yet another first, I never seen a guy who came in seconds.

Letting go of his tiny cock getting a close look at the cum in her hand.

His dick was already shriveled back to nothing.  We started again at the sight of his pathetic dick.  Stick out her tongue timidly and took a tiny taste.  “You were right Ashley, cum does taste good.”  Liza started licking her hand until there wasn’t a drop of my brother’s jizz left.  “It really does look cute Ashley.”  I looked at her with a grin, “how would you like to get my brother’s teenie weenie anytime you want?  Not only that, male him do anything we say!!”  “How Ashley?”  Looking at her with a grin I said, “wait here I will get my camera!!”

Wanna know what we are gonna do with the camera?  Cum back soon for big brother pt 2 or give me a call and find out before anyone else. 😉

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