Big Brother and my favorite accomplice

He may be in college now but I still get to visit my big brother on campus. I don’t even have to lie to my parents they completely trust us. If they only knew big brother was fucking their teenage daughter they wouldn’t approve. You heard right I visit my brother for his dick. After football practice we sneak away from all his buddies so he can slip his big dick inside me. Dirty Incest is my weakness but As fantasy would have it my body craved for something new and I needed the adrenaline of excitement again. I shared my secret urges of wanting to explore and he shared a dirty secret with me in return.

Yes he loves pussy but he also loves tackling those tight ends on and off the field apparently it’s the only reason he plays football. He spends all that time tackle those other guys and getting himself horny and no one suspects a thing. After getting all sweaty from tackling he gets to head to the showers with all those naked exposed men. We had a good plan all lined up and a hotel room book. My big brother got me a fake I.D and something sexy to wear. The outfit made me pass for at least 21 and I couldn’t wait to bait our first guy. I sat at the bar but it didn’t take long for a guy to buy me a drink. He assumed I was a college chick and I know I already had wrapped around my finger.

We had a few drinks and flirted around but when I looked at my watch I knew big brother was waiting. My lips touched his and when my hand slid to his crotch he was ready to go. I jumped in his ride where he took me to my hotel. We were all over each other before we could get inside the room. I pushed him down on the bed but left the door cracked for my brother to sneak inside. After ripping our clothes off one another his shoves his hard dick inside me. I can tell he likes giving it rough but I hope he likes getting it rough. My brother sneaks inside but shuts the door loudly to get our new friends attention.

Completely surprised and asking so many questions my brother laughs and explains anything he did to me he gets to do to him in return. We are a packaged deal and even though the guy laughed it off there was one problem. I was underage and slipping his dick inside me would ruin his life so my brother blackmailed him into a threesome. When he knew the trouble he was in he shoved his cock back inside me as my brother got behind him and penetrated his ass with hard throbbing cock. My brother begin fucking his ass hard and giving it to him rough but I didn’t anticipate the guy would really like it. I felt the twitching and I knew he was cumming who knew a brother and sister could make a guy cum so hard. Not bad for our first threesome.

big brother

Kinky Kelsey