There’s one guy to this day that I can never stop fucking and thats my big brother.  It’s so wrong but it always feels so right kissing him, fucking him, letting him use me till his balls have nothing else in them. One of many fond firsts that he conquered was the virginity of my precious ass, yes my brother popped my butt cherry!

I was 16 and  we’d fooled around a bit, I was always horny and so was he so finally during one of the times he had me pinned into the kitchen counter with his nice hard throbbing cock rubbing eagerly at my ass he leaned forward nibbling on my ear and rolling my nipples in his tanned hands “I want your ass” He demanded in a hushed tone. Moaning as his hands moved away from my chest, one grabbing my hair while the other slid into my soaked pussy “Okay” I told him quickly.

Releasing me he back up and gestured for me to follow, which I more then eagerly did! Heading up the stairs to his room he rummaged while gesturing to the bed “On your knee’s and bend over it” He told me and I was more then happy to listen. I’d been told anal hurt but I was so excited to be trying something new and I was already horny as fuck from him playing with me in the kitchen. Watching him put a generous amount of lube on his throbbing cock I laid the upper half of my body against the bed. My brother came over sliding a finger into my soaked pussy, his thumb rubbing my clit. Pushing me further onto the bed with his free hand he worked his lube covered fingers into my ass.

I was needy and moaning at the overwhelming stimulation. The pleasure and pain was exquisite and left me wetter then i’d ever been. Finally after being able to successfully work 3 fingers into my ass and keeping me on the cusp of a much needed orgasm he carefully slid his cock into my ass. It was the find of pain that feels so good and hurts so bad that you don’t know weather to moan or cry. My brother didn’t give me time to decide before shoving his fingers back into my pussy and pounding my pretty tight asshole.

I screamed in pleasure as I finally came, my brother pounding me over and over and successfully pushing me over the edge 2 more times before finally, finally blowing his huge load up my ass. He slumped against me and we laid their panting. We were so lost in our own pleasures that we hadn’t heard my brothers door open.

“What are you kids up to?” My brother quickly pulled his softening cock from my ass. I made a nose of surprise and looked towards the door only to see Mom standing there looking at us both.


Wanna know what happened next? You’ll have to call to get the answers.



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