Loving mommy gives you the best hugs and kisses – Domme Mommy grants you ALL your special wishes.  Some men, never grow up and need to be reminded about how a good boy should behave.  <Wicked Little Laugh> “Silly boy!  What are you wear?” Do I need to remind you? Mommy teaches you a lesson by dressing you in diapers. Blue and white “Pampers” to cover your little boy cock and bum. I know it’s not easy to be a good boy.  It’s easier to be a bad boy and deal with the consequences. Explore your taboo mommy/son phone sex right now.

It’s late one night and you are supposed to be in bed — instead you are too busy interrupting mommy’s private time, giving daddy head.  I know you are envious and want all of Mommy’s attention.  Positive or negative – it’s all the same. You’ve been fed, changed and it’s time for bed.   Do I need to remind you?  You need to grow up!!  “Only babies wear a Pamper.”  Do I make myself clear.   I ask “What are you wearing baby boy?” I’m wearing a “Pamper” you reply. “That’s right you are wearing a pamper – now go to bed.” As I smack your tight little bottom.  The crinkle sound of the pamper drives you insane.  The urge grows stronger – you can’t get your sexy mommy out of your head. What a shame! Time for a little humiliation phone sex?

Pushing my buttons – trying so hard.  I’ve had enough now it’s time for bed.  I smack your pamper covered bottom one more time, just to remind you. “What do you have on? You need to behave. Only babies wear a Pamper.” I say.  You repeat over and over “A Pamper.”  “A Pamper.” I smack your bottom even harder, as I pull out my strap on.  Maybe this will stop all your naughty fussing.   You need to be a big boy  “Suck Mommy’s strap on, suck it hard.”  You hesitate at first, then grab it and suck it.  Looking down at you, I whisper “You better suck it and make it wet.”  You are a pathetic little cock sucker.  You slowly take it into your mouth -deeper and deeper- licking and sucking every inch. Your eagerness grows stronger with each sucking motion.  I smack your bottom, one more time, as I pull your little pamper down. Sliding my strap on deep inside your bunghole. Nothing more sexier than strap on phone sex. Gliding it deep inside! Whispering to my sweet baby boy “how does it feel to have mommy so close to you, so deep inside?  Pumping it deeper into you as I stroke your little cock and turning you into my big boy. Masturbate for your mommy. I’m the Sexy Domme Mommy that loves Taking you – Training you – Teaching you – to be a good baby boy.  Let’s get you dressed!!  Call me – Go get Mommy a diaper, from your Winnie the Pooh changing bag. Big boys do wear diapers.  Especially a “Pamper” covered in tumbling teddy bears.

Do you have diaper fetish, baby fetish and “need” a sensuous mommy domme to dress you up in “a pamper,” Give you a little loving?  Humiliate you and teach you a lesson – while pushing you to the edge?   Our Only Limitation is Our Imagination. I’m waiting for you now.



Kiss Kiss


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