Especially after a hot yoga work out. I have no idea why it turns me on, but it does. My boyfriend always wants to fuck when he sees my big booty in yoga pants, but he especially loves when he can see the sweat in the crack of my big booty. We’ve fucked plenty of times after a work out, in the car, in the house, at the studio and since the very first time, he never misses an opportunity to get his nose in my sweaty crack and devour it.

The first time he wanted to actually eat my ass after a work out, I was shocked. Embarrassed? Worried it would stink? All of those things. He took all of my worries away in the private bathroom at the studio. He twirled me around so I could see in the mirror while he teasingly wiggled his cock against my soaking wet ass. Gently tilting my head to the side he looked in the mirror as his tongue licked the beads of sweat from my neck. I was so fucking turned on. As he kissed, and licked I could feel his fingers gripping my hips tighter and pulling my big booty back bending me forward just a enough that I could feel his cock pushing into the crack of my ass.

Pulling each side of my pants down a little at a time he revealed that juicy big booty that he fucking loves so much. Little by little my sweaty ass crack was exposed. He stopped pulling my yoga pants down mid ass and kissed the top of my crack. I could feel his tongue pushing into the slit as he squeezed my big booty ass cheeks together. I was so turned on I just wanted him to yank my pants down and bury his tongue in my ass. What a fucking tease he is. In one swoop I felt my skin tight yoga pants under my ass cheeks and his thumbs pulling my cheeks apart so he could see everything. I squeezed together turning around begging him to just fuck me. He was having none of it. I could see his cock dripping on the floor before he quickly turned me around. The studio was still hot, and the bathroom had to be 104, the sweat was still dripping down my back into my crack. He was on his knees kissing the small of my back, licking my crack so gently….I could feel his nose pushing inside while he inhaled deeply. FUCK that turned me on.

Call me and let me tell you all about what happened when his tongue hit my asshole.