Big Boobs and Explicit Expressions

I was at a bar the other night when some drunk guy waltzed over to me, half spilling his drink down my dress, and reeking of vodka. “Hey Busty, i’d love to take you home and Maui Mudslide all over those big boobs of yours.” I had no idea what the fuck he was saying, one, because he was slurring,  two, because what the fuck is a Maui Mudslide? and three,  what the fuck is a Maui Mudslide? So I went home and I did my research, the new words I learned, made me blush 😉

Maui Mudslide: Taking a shit on a girl’s chest then fucking her until the shit slides down her.

 Hawaiian Muscle Fuck:  Boobfucking. Occurs when a man places his cock between a woman’s tits and uses the friction of her cleavage to cum.

Darjeeling standpipe: The act includes filling a teapot with hot water (not boiling), then holding your ball-sac above the top opening as you jack off. Your partner then blows through the spout, steaming your balls.

Truffle Butter: Happens when you pull your dick out of the asshole and continue fucking her pussy, and the tan buttery substance around her pussy is truffle butter.

Snowballing: Passing cum from person to person so that the number of cum increases.

Felching: Sucking cum from the ass or pussy. It can be done with a drinking straw when semen is deep inside the rectum.

Santorum: Frothy, slimy, a mixture of lube, shit, and cum that seeps out of an asshole after anal.

Donkey Punch: The act of punching your partner in the back of the head during anal. This is done right when you are about to cum to force the anal cavity to tighten.

Anything I missed? Please email me and let me know or teach me a word or two of your own. Happy Saturday 🙂

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