Big Baby, Mommy Roxy has just what you need.

Big baby need special mommy time? Yes, you do don’t you! Diapers and wipes, powder and ba ba’s is just the start to what big baby wants and needs. Watching you toddle across the floor and hear that diaper crinkle between those legs it makes that smile spread across my face. There is no better place than in my arms to give you the comfort and safety your little heart craves.

Singing lullabies to my sweet baby makes my heart sing. Not only do we have so much fun during big baby play time, but we get to do special things too. Changing time is one of your favorites, isn’t it? Getting to take off that soaking wet diaper makes you feel good. But mommy knows your dirty secret. Flooding that diaper and knowing it’s OK to let those emotions come out, makes you so happy. And that’s the most important thing, letting you know you are accepted and loved by mommy.

Naughty playtime is never wrong either, even if others tell you that. Mommy is always the first one to tell you how fun it’s going to be. That special touch and sweet loving voice from mommy gets that little tinkle stick hard as a rock. There are so many things I do to have you make cummies for me. But that is our little secret, isn’t it? It is no wonder that big baby wants attention and lovies from me.

Soft touches and naughty words whispered in your ear, make you turn warm and feel good. And when you start to feel that tingle and ask mommy not to stop, that’s when the naughty big baby time begins. Are you ready to play with me?

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