My Bi-Sexual Boyfriend

Are you bi-sexual? My new boyfriend asked puzzled. I looked back at him and let him know that I have licked a kitty a few times. To my surprise, he didn’t quite understand what it meant. He kept asking me questions and more questions till I bluntly asked him, you do know what it means right? To him it meant that you suddenly turned gay and then went back to straight. I laughed and told him no, being bi means that you can enjoy both at the same time, and that is when I had the greatest idea of them all.

A few days later, on a weekend, I invited over one of my best friend. I knew both of them were willing to explore their sexuality if only they had a few drinks in them. I had all sorts of alcohol. My goal was to get them tipsy enough for them to just follow what they’ve always want it. As the night started I kept pouring drink, after drink. They soon got very comfortable with themselves and it was only a matter of time till the fun begun.

I told them to pull out their cocks and I started massaging them. I kneel down and sucked on them till they got hard. Once my slobber started running down their hard dicks I held them in each of my hands and started rubbing it against each other’s cock. They weren’t at all freaked out in fact as soon as I did it they started making out. I could seriously feel their dicks throbbing in my hand and that is when I told my boyfriend to get on his knees and feel it in his mouth. He had never sucked cock before so I guided him. Telling him exactly what to do till my friend busted a big load in his mouth.

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