Better Than Mommy

I was lying in my bed one morning, extremely horny. An amazing dream that was lingering in the back of my mind. I hadn’t even opened my eyes yet; I was somewhere between a dream state and awake. In my dream, I was getting my cock sucked so damn good. I felt so real, as if it was really happening. I could feel the warmth of her mouth licking and sucking my cock. Her soft wet tongue gliding up and down my shaft made my cock rock hard. Is this a dream? It feels so real to be a dream. I could even hear her soft moans as she went lower down to my balls and slurped them into her mouth. If this was a dream, I never wanted to wake from it. I felt the bed sheets move a little. Someone was in my bed!

 “Mmm…Do you like that, Daddy?”

I opened my eyes in shock. It was my little daughter Ariel! “Whoa…wait..Ari..” and before I could say another word, she had taken my whole cock down her throat. My eyes, as big as baseballs that she could even go down that far, damn near, made me explode right then and there. Her gagging sounds and then spitting her saliva back out on my cock had me speechless. “Is this being a good girl, Daddy?” I can’t believe my own daughter is in my bed sucking my cock. “What are you doing, Ariel?” There was no way I could pump the breaks on this. The very thought of my young daughter sucking Daddy’s cock was beyond hot. “I saw you and Mommy last night. Am I better than Mommy?”  Following up with her question, she inhales my hard cock deep down her throat. Holy Fuck!

Yes…That’s Daddy’s Good Girl

All I could manage to muster was telling her, “Yes. That’s Daddy’s good girl.” She was persistent and wanted to know if she was better than Mommy.  She repeatedly asked the question, “Am I better than Mommy?” Her desire to be better than Mommy had her sucking my cock like she needed validation. “Lay on your back, and I’ll taste if you’re better than Mommy.” Seeing her lying there with her sweet little young body spread out and ready for her Daddy made me drip precum all over the bed sheets. I gently wrapped my arms underneath her small, soft thighs, pulling her hips closer to my face. Mmm, the smell and warmth radiating from her pussy hit my face hard as I opened my mouth to kiss her sweet wet young cunt. She had the thinnest little brown hairs growing from her little pussy.

Her Sweet Little Kitty

Her sweet little kitty tasted like pure honey on my tongue. She was so fucking WET, how long had she been wanting to do this with me, her Daddy? Her hips were grinding and moving with every moan. Her head was pushed back, and her eyes were rolled in the back of her head. Gawd, she tasted so good. I kept going sliding my tongue deep into her little cunt. “Do you want to show Daddy you can be better than Mommy?”

Her moan had gotten louder, like she was on the edge of cumming for the first time, in a begging, pleading state. “Please, Daddy, please…Yes.” I pulled her tiny legs up to her chest, her knees touching the bed. She was so flexible with her little pussy stretched open like that. Her pussy was sloppy wet with my cock slapping her young girl cunt. “Tell me you want Daddy’s cock.”

She could barely get the words out, “Plea.Please…Daddy!!! Fuck me like you fucked Mommy! I want your cock.” I watched as my thick mushroom tip separated Daddy’s whore cunt, plunging deeper and deeper with each stroke. That young little girl’s pussy was so fucking tight wrapped around my cock that I couldn’t hold it in any longer. I fucked my little girl deep with my huge cock and emptied my balls inside her.

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