Okay!  I admit it.  The Best Sex Stories are always TRUE!  So, I AM A BETRAYER of my bestie, Sara and it’s one of my Bi-Cuckold Stories.  In the first place, it’s NOT really my fault! Sara has ALWAYS been a giver and with her man, she’s no different.  Not only did no one TELL her to NOT play up her man in front of other women, but she also seemed to love rubbing in the fact that he’d NEVER CHEAT!  For some reason, she can’t shut up about how hot he is in bed.  So, what happened next was pretty much her bad!  Right?  Ever since being college roommates and making her my cuck…

And, I really wish I could tell you that it was all by accident.  But, I’ve found that TRUE accidents are very rare!  Did I not remember Sara had that big interview with the Chief of Staff at the hospital where she was doing her residency?  Of course, I DID!  Did that stop me from dropping by her house at that eXXXact time?  Need I repeat my answer? LOL.

The Betrayer Abounds!

It was just a quickie, so no real need for anyone to get hurt.  At least, that’s how it was supposed to go down.  I never anticipated him falling for me.  It was all a game, but like they say…”It’s all fun and games…”  There’s no real fondness in me to be that person, so I had to do it; if for no other reason than to shut her up!

Like I said, he’s hot AND, he’s got a giant cock that I have to taste it every chance I get!


So…a good lesson for YOU?  If I see you unattended, I’ll keep you CUMPany, Baby!  Warn your girl to hang on with every muscle in her pussy!

It’s NEVER A Good Idea To Leave Men Alone With Me!


So, You’d Better Watch What’s Yours!