I Gave My Bestie’s Husband the Perfect Girlfriend Experience!

I spent all day with my best friend’s husband – giving him the perfect girlfriend experience! He’s out of the dog house now that their baby has been born. Don’t get me wrong here. I’m still pissed off at him for ruining my ultimate impregnation fantasy, where he would get ME knocked up before his wife, but. I withheld, tormented, teased, denied, and made him my bitch for the entire 9 months that she was pregnant. I figured he could use a little bit of loving attention and pampering! Especially since his wife is up all night with a newborn every night now, and has no time for pampering. And she’s definitely in no condition for fucking right now!

So, I decided to put my GFE skills to work. I will give him a girlfriend experience date that would make him feel like a king! Invited him to come over to my house today after his construction job got rained out. I put on my sexiest black lace baby doll nightie, and the black lace thongs and high heels that go with it. Then I pulled my long dark hair up, leaving some loose wisps falling into my face and down on my neck. Then I pulled out my bottle of Pure Poison and dabbed a little behind my ears. He goes crazy when I wear it! My best friend is a bit of a tomboy. She doesn’t wear makeup, or  a lot of perfume, body balm, things of that nature. And she has probably NEVER owned a pair of thongs!

I know good and well he didn’t get THIS type of treatment even before he knocked her up!

Next, I went to the kitchen and pondered on what tantalizing goodies I could find to go along with our date.  Fresh strawberries! I whipped out my fondue pot and melted some chocolate to dip them in! Highly doubted that much of it would end up on the strawberries, but my thongs were already damp at the thought of him licking the hot melted chocolate eagerly off of my big, perfectly round tits!

I had just assembled the strawberries, melted chocolate, and some nicely chilled champagne on the blanket for a little carpet picnic when the doorbell rang. Then I flung the door open and stepped out in nothing but my hot little black nightie. He wrapped his arms around me, and we shared a very long, very slow, very PUBLIC kiss on my front porch before he walked me backwards through the door and into the house.

Did he enjoy his girlfriend experience? Of course he did! Who doesn’t dig a little love in the afternoon? Call me, and I’ll give you all the delicious details about what he did with that melted chocolate – AND those fresh, ripe strawberries! 😉

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