Besties With A Shared Goal: To fuck and suck our way through college.

Besties can help you study and help you when you are struggling in college. They can also enter a pact with you and help you suck and fuck your way through college. Everyone knows you don’t really learn anything in college, it’s about getting that piece of paper. I’m not sure who brought it up, but we were half-way through our first semester of college and we were both failing. We covered for each other and watched the doors when the other had to blow or fuck a professor. It depended on how bad we were doing and how strict the professor was.

Besties are also the best people to have threesomes with. I had this one professor teaching biology. He was the only hold out in our first semester. I had done everything. Sat in the front of every class in a tight skirt with my legs open, practically shown up to his office like I was going to a club in the smallest dress I had, and even sat on the corner of his desk after class and put his hand on my hip. No dice. No matter what I did.

None of my other besties would do for me what my college bestie did for me.

It was the week of finals and even actually studying, I failed. So after everyone had left the last day of classes I had my bestie join me.

On the last class of the semester, everyone had received their tests back and all the assholes who missed one or two questions stayed til the last-minute to ask more fucking questions. But after they left my bestie slipped in the room. Usually, she would have stayed outside the door, but this time she was going to join me. She couldn’t lock the door behind her so we were really taking our chances.

“I’m not going to beat around the bush.”

He looked up from packing his briefcase and saw us both. We were both in skin-tight 80’s fluorescent dresses we found in my mom’s closet. “I don’t have time for this,” he said and went back to packing his briefcase.

“If we both fuck you,” the best bestie ever said, “will you give her an A?”

He paused when he really looked at my friend. “Is that it?” I asked. “You like brunettes?”

“Uhh, uhh. I…,” he stammered.

Besties like mine come around once in a lifetime. She stepped forward and lowered the straps on her dress. “Is that why you’ve been giving my friend a hard time?”

“I, I…,” he stammered again staring at her perky c cups popping out of her dress.

I didn’t hesitate. While she began to kiss him and put his hand on her tits. I got on my knees and unzipped his jeans. When I got his pants down I was surprised to see he had a huge cock. I knew we were going to enjoy this. He was already hard and when I got his underwear off it popped up and hit me in the chin. I took every single inch of his cock.

My friend had her dress off and had him finger bang her.

I could tell he was in heaven because his cock was bulging in the back of my throat. I stayed there with my mouth flush against his body and he jizzed all down my throat.

So I stood up and wiped my face and my friend started to put her dress and started looking for her panties. “Now change my grades,” I said.

“I didn’t agree to anything,” he said more confidently than before.

Just then one of the other students who’d failed walked in. He saw all of us there and walked forward.

Besties can save the day. She found her underwear. It was in his coat pocket. He was trying to steal them that old perv. When she saw them she announced it out loud so the other student could here. “Oh, there are my panties. They’re in your pocket professor.” And I and the unsuspecting student who walked in also got an A.