Bestiality Beauty – Stories With Chase

Bestiality Beauty the beast whispered to Belle as he mounted her again. She was his prisoner. His personal little play thing. He would do awful things to her he would use random items in his castle on her. One of his favorite things to use on her was a candlestick. He would shove it in and out of her beautiful tight little pussy. She moaned and became wetter he would push it deeper and harder with every thrust. Once he tried to even stick a tea cup up that tight little cunt but alas it turned into quite a mess when it got a chip in it and she started to bleed.
He would make her dress up for him in ball gowns, a façade to make her think he was changing that is until he would shred the dresses off of her and take his beastly cock and pound her wet little box.
After a couple years of being terrorized by the beast, Belle began to fall for him and she began to enjoy it when he would call her his Bestiality Beauty.

And when he wasn’t around she would sit in her room and put on a ball gown and masturbate to the thought of him ripping it off her.

Finally, a day came that he decided to let her roam free in his castle and told her she could go anywhere she wanted except the west wing. Of course, Bell didn’t listen because he now enjoyed being punished by her beast. When he found her in the west wing wearing a golden yellow ball gown he grabbed her and took her down to his torture chamber. He started shredding the dress and she leaned forward to her beast and whispered to him. Make me your Bestiality Beauty.

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