Young Sex Stories & The Never Say No Game

Daddy always used to make up games for me, some obviously were hotter than others. The one that I remember the most was the never say no game. Perhaps one of my favorites ever! It consisted of me going to a park really late at night and just as the name of it says, I couldn’t say no to any sexual advances, no matter how perverted they were. I guess you can say I have some extreme young sex stories and I know you will love them.

It was late at night when the game would start. Daddy would drive me up to a park known as pervert central. Everyone knew that if you wanted to fuck a stranger that was the park to go. I started walking the trails wearing only a tiny little dress. No panties, no bra. That was part of the game. I sat down and waited. Soon after two guys came up to me and said that I was too young and too pretty to be alone. I just smiled. They wanted me to suck their dicks, and I did. Swallowing all their cum.

After that, it’s when the fun really began. I started talking some more and came across this guy jerking off alone. He asked if I wanted to help him out and I said yes, of course. I stood up against a wall and wrapped my legs around him, he fucked me so hard, and deep. I came, and just like that, I had had the first orgasm of the night. When I hopped on Daddy’s car again it was time to tell him all about it. I jerked him off as I told him every guy that I fucked and blew.

My tight young pussy was red and swollen when I went to bed that night and Daddy was a happy pervert was another successful night playing his favorite game.

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