Best Sex Stories: A Very Hot Surprise for a Super Sexy Stranger

This is one of the best sex stories you will ever hear!

Sometimes I get these urges that I just can’t control. I feel like I have to fulfill my desires, or I don’t know what might happen. Being the naughty girl that I am, I love to get nasty and this particular night I let go of what morals I had. I saw this handsome man checking into the hotel where I was staying. He was gorgeous, and I had to have him. I listened closely to hear what room he would be in. After I heard, I prepared for a fun-filled night.

I went to my room and took a nice relaxing bath as I thought of all the ways I was going to fuck Mr. Johnathan when I made my way to his room. When I got out of the tub and dried my body, I put on my black high heels and grabbed a robe from the closet. It was short and sheer and very sexy. I decided that’s all I needed to wear to Johnathan’s room.

I knocked on his door and let my hair down as I waited for him to answer. When he came to the door he looked me up and down with a sinful grin as I walked in. I told him I was checking him out in the lobby and I couldn’t help but come to visit him. I hopped up on the counter and he walked over to me standing between my legs. My robe was open, and he could see how hard my nipples were and my pussy glistening as I got excited.

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back, running his tongue up and down my neck.

He made his way to my chest, over to each nipple, licking and sucking them as he started fingering me. Every touch of his finger and every flick of his tongue made me melt more and more. He licked down to my belly button and further down reaching my pussy. After pushing my legs in the air, he licked from my clit to my ass. I was in ecstasy and it never felt better.

Clinching his shoulders as I started to cum on his face, he reached up and grabbed my neck, making the orgasm ten times better. He stood up and dropped let his shorts drop to the floor. He had 8 inches of a hard dick rubbing against my clit. I couldn’t wait, I had to have it. I reached down myself and slid it into my pussy. He picked me up, keeping his cock inside me, and carried me to the bed. When he sat down with me on his lap, I pushed him back and rode his dick until he filled me up with cum.

We fucked all night long everywhere in the suite. From the kitchen to the bedroom, to the hot tub and the balcony, we couldn’t get enough of each other. When morning came, we went our separate ways. I never his name and he never knew mine. There’s something about sex with a stranger, fucking them so good that you know they’ll want you again, but can’t have you. It’s such a turn on. I later found out that he had written his name and number on my robe. Maybe I’ll call him soon, maybe I won’t.

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