Best Sex Stories ring in the New Year with a BANG! Or is that “Banging in 2019?” Mmm, let’s bang all year long. Good idea, glad you thought of it!

Best sex stories are those that seize your imagination and fill your thoughts with the most irresistible of urges, don’t you agree? The holidays were crazy, and 2018 is finally over. Matter of fact, most people might agree that the whole fucking year has been crazy AF (Emphasis on fucking? YOU decide. 😈)!

With that in mind, are you ready to BANG in 2019? Yes, that’s right. I didn’t say ring. To emphasize, I said BANG. In other words, it’s time to “expand” your horizons. Yes indeed, it’s time we blew your fucking mind!

In light of that, have you thought about your resolutions for 2019? I know I have. Just think of the possibilities. The New Year can bring positive changes, explosive growth, and fresh starts, don’t you think? Moreover, it’s time to stop dreaming. Let’s start LIVING!

“What do you mean, Angel? I’m already living just fine,” you say as you mentally roll your eyes. But are you REALLY?

For instance, you know all those nasty little fantasies you’ve never told anyone? Shhh, baby, it’s okay. You can tell me your dirty little secrets. I *promise* I won’t expose you, sexy. Are you my boyfriend, my neighbor, my sissy, my slave, a family friend, the priest, my cuckolded older hubby, my professor, my brother, or even my daddy? Furthermore, is it an utterly taboo phone sex desire that you’ve never shared with anyone? Indeed, let’s make those erotic sex stories “cum” alive!

The best sex stories help you explore all those taboo fantasies you’ve been having, lover. You know the ones I mean.

Oh yes, you’re thinking about it now, aren’t you? You know, those thoughts that make you rock hard at the most inappropriate times and in -all- the wrong places. Again, you might be saying aloud, “What places, where?”

However, we both know how deep those needs run, don’t we?

Admit it; you can’t stop thinking about those taboo urges. At your desk in the office. While snuggling with your wife or girlfriend in front of the TV. During the daily commute. Or … OMG (excuse the pun) … in church? Mmm, what a delicious perv you are!

Mmmhmm, that’s right. You’re throbbing for me now, haven’t you? In fact, those deviant fantasies make for some of the best sex stories ever! Go ahead, tell me something you’ve never revealed to anyone. You know what it is, I dare you.

After all, you can tell me. I’m your kinky life coach, your sweet confessor, and your naughty “partner in crime.”

Indeed, I can tell you’re unbearably hard right now. It’s true, and you’re aching to confess EVERYTHING to me. I can feel it. By all means, call and explore those desires with me, your Wicked Angel. Definitely, these will be our hottest sex games ever!

With an uninhibited, anything-goes, endlessly imaginative mind like mine and your deep hunger, paired with your insatiable desire to let it all go and fly with me, just think of all the amazingly hot places we can go together!

Of course, what happens next is up to you; call me now for the ULTIMATE in extreme roleplaying and hot, always uncensored Adult Chat!

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