Best Sex Stories:  I couldn’t have them leaving the exam room in that condition.

Best Sex Stories: After I got my Master’s Degree in Nursing, I opened my own practice. I started doing a lot of annual physical exams on both men and women. I found many men coming to me for a complete exam which included a prostate exam.  Finding the prostate is easy, you just insert your finger into their ass and it is a small walnut shape gland inside, and down, at the front of your anus. The professional thing for me to do would have been to press down on it quickly and feel for any abnormalities. I have to admit I was lacking in the area of complete professionalism, lol.

That wouldn’t have been any fun. I found myself gently massaging my patient’s prostate gland, causing their cock to become rock hard. Needless to say I couldn’t have them leaving the exam room in that condition.

This Naughty Nurse had to find creative ways finish them off, help my patients have a mind-blowing orgasm to bring down that rock hard cock.

I  would have to use my hands, mouth and even my wet pink pussy to get the job done. My patients were soon coming in for exams much more frequently than annually.

I have heard rumors that they call me Naughty Head Nurse Ramona. A title I have definitely earned .I am sure it is because I just love wrapping my lips around a beautiful cock standing at attention, like it is calling my name.

Call me, it is time for your annual exam. I guarantee you will leave happier than when you walked in.

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