Let’s make one of the best sex stories yet

Who wants to help me with one of the best sex stories? It’s my all time biggest fantasy I need a man who can get a little rough. I have always said the best sex stories are those that involve forced sex. Let’s try it out. A man lurking in the bushes, peeping through my windows just watching and waiting. Waiting for the right moment to snatch me up and have his way with me. I have fantasized it in many different ways now. You wait for me to get home and just as I enter my front door you force yourself inside. Grabbing me from behind, possibly using a weapon to keep me from fighting back. Of course your physically strong and I would have no way to push you off me. Please!! No!! Help!! As you force me face down on the bed.

Degrade me rape me

I’m also fantasizing he’s degrading me with words like slut, whore and even cunt. This would really turn me on. Of course we could always kink it up a bit, maybe instead attacking at the front door you could be a mysterious man knocking on my door. Your broke down and there is no cell reception. I don’t know you so I’m not so very trusting and even though I don’t let you in you still get in. Did I leave the back door locked? While your stalking me from inside my house, your watching me undress and shower. You dirty perve! I’m in my bed and I have just fallen asleep but not for long because you make your move. After you tie me to the bed, stuff my panties in my mouth and keep me as your sex slave for whenever you need a little pussy.

A role play you’ll never forget

There is another scenario we could try to make this one of the best sex stories ever. The parking lot kidnap scene has always turned me on. Snatch me up and throw me in the back of the van while I’m walking to my car. You live in a remote location with no cell service or neighbors right? Blindfold me bring friends and turn me into a sex slave you keep locked away. There are many possibilities when role playing. Because there are no rules we can make it as kinky as we want. I’m into anything hardcore but I need a man willing to be forceful. Ready to create one of the best sex stories ever? But not into the rape scene look at my other fantasy sex stories. And also get a list of my kinks and availability on my phone sex kingdom profile.

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