Best Sex Stories – Daddy Gets London & Kylie a Stripper Pole!

Some of the best sex stories involve Daddy. Since he listens to our free phone sex podcast, he knew I love to dance to one of my favorite songs. I’m not giving that away. You have to go listen to the podcast to find out what that song might be.

Kylie and I were sitting around when Daddy came home. He had a huge smile on his face and when we asked what was up he pointed to the big box he was carrying. Daddy told us to be good girls and go into our room. We could come out when he called for us.

When we came back into the living room we saw the stripper pole all set up and waiting for us! Eyes wide, we walked over to it. We couldn’t believe it!

A stripper pole of our very own!

Kylie and I started moving our hips as Daddy pressed play on his phone. My favorite song played through the speaker and we really started dancing. As we danced, our clothes started coming off. When we got down to our panties we put them in Daddy’s mouth. He looked on with the biggest hard on I’ve ever seen him have.

We left only our stockings on since we knew Daddy had a major stocking fetish. Dancing, we started playing with each other. I put my hand between Kylie’s legs and rubbed her pussy. It was so wet with desire for both me and Daddy. Needless to say, all three of us had a really naughty time together.

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