Best sex stories, Sex with a bad boy always feels best!

Best sex stories, Sex with a bad boy always feels best! Most girls just can’t help her attraction to a sexy bad boy. This is my story of how I just couldn’t resist my friend’s cousin who was clearly in a gang. He is so sexy with his toned muscular arms that you can tell he works out often. Sexy abs that angle to the most amazing cock I have ever seen. So this is what happened when I hooked up with the ultimate bad boy. There was a huge party at their house, they always throw the best parties with tons of booze and drugs.

I was wearing a sexy dress that was very tight at the top and showed my cleavage and then the skirt park flowed out and barely went to my knees. Having had a little too much to drink I decided that I wanted to get some air and breath for a bit, so I went outside. I lit my cigarette when I was approached by this guy I have never met before in my life and he starts hitting on me. Now I am not one to be a prude but this guy was getting so handsy that I had to fight him off. I was yelling at him to stop and he continued to try and put his hand under my dress. Thats when my friend’s cousin came to the rescue.

Best sex stories, Sex with a bad boy always feels best!

He pulled his gun and put it to the guys head and forced him to apologize. After the guy left with his tail between his legs and scurried off like the little cockroach that he is. Tall dark and dangerous asked me if I needed a ride home after what just happened. I don’t know what came over me but I told him he should invite me back to his room. He picked me up so fast I wrapped my legs around him and he carried me to his room while we made out and I ground my pussy against his gun in his waistband.

He threw me down on his bed and pulled out his massive cock. Sliding my panties to the side he started to fuck me hard and deep. Loved taking every inch of that massive bad boy cock!

I hope you liked my kinky story about a sexy gangsta! I cant wait to have some wicked hot phone sex with you and we can take it to a whole new sexy and kinky level of phone sex.

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