The best sex stories always involve Daddy

Don’t you know all of the best sex stories involve naughty time with Daddy! It’s so much fun knowing all of you super naughty fuckers read my stories and come play with me! I love it when you’re my super naughty Daddy and I get to do all kinds of amazing naughty things with you! Do you like playing naughty Daddy?

Would you like to come hear my sweet young cotton candy voice lulling you into oblivion? Making you feel so amazing while you picture my perfect little blonde body nestled in your arms. Allowing you to feel the warmth from my barely legal body as I press up against you. Feeling my rubbing back and forth against you.

My Soft words echoing through your head as you listen, feeling my words as if I was there touching you…

The need for a hot young innocent girl to slip into your lap and tease you mercilessly has to be driving you totally crazy. Allow me to give you what you have been needing, showing you what you desire the most. Painting a picture in your mind so vivid it’s almost like it’s really happening there in person before your eyes.

I know what it is you need, and I know that I am the one that can most definatley give it to you. So let me prove it to you. Allow me to prove to you that I am exactly what you have been needing and craving. From the moment you call, you will be totally and completely hooked on my sweet young cotton candy voice.

You need this!! Let me show you just how much! Slowly pulling you into the bedroom and taking advantage of you, like you know you have been craving more than anything!

Let’s Do This Naughty Fucker, I tell the best sex stories!!

Let’s have Phone Sex!!