Although the Best Sex Positions aren’t taught, I know they’re ACQUIRED with a SKILLED TEACHER, like me!  Somehow, I feel a need this week to share some of my all-time favorite sexual positions.  Thankfully, there is NOTHING routine about my sex-life.  Luckily, my lover treats me like the QUEEN I am; he makes Every day a Holiday!  And as such, I’d LOVE to go through just a few of my favorite positions to Celebrate with.

So, “Stuffing the Turkey” is one of my all-time-favorite sexual positions.  You know, you behind me, plowing away until you hear me grunting Iike an animal?  Then, there’s “Dessert First”, which is eating creampie, BEFORE the main event!  However, one memorable one is “The Hunt” and that one is more fun because I don’t just GIVE MYSELF over to his carnal desires. I make him HUNT for it…in the DARK!

But, to make it a memorable occasion, I need to make him work for it.  And, that’s easy enough, once I display MY BOUNTY!  Sometimes, I’ll just spread myself out on our dining table, spread-eagle and ready for him to FEAST!  At other times, I will DEVOUR HIM!  And much to his SIR*prise, I take him for ALL 3-courses (Mouth, Ass, and Cock!) and leave him like a used dish in the sink!  Furthermore, the BEST PART IS…I let him EAT my stuffing! LOL

I mean, WHAT’S BETTER than a Holiday Meal with me? Well, DESSERT, of course!  The BEST SEX Positions are ALWAYS found right here.  And I let you eat…in bed…sometimes! Giggle.  My Adult Sex Stories are the best because they’re mostly REAL, Cheap Phone Sex!  One NEVER knows what Kinky, little shit I may venture into, but you KNOW it’ll ALWAYS be HOT!  And I’m ALWAYS Willing to Share with you!