Are Short Sex Stories LESS FUN than their lengthy counterparts?  I might argue that point, and here’s why!  First of all, I get to be with you in a limited format.  And, my challenge is to get you harder than anything else you might be reading on the net.  While a leisurely slam is great; the rushed quickly is a hot turn-on for me, especially in writing.

So, I’ll once again give a succinct teaser to get you through your lunch-break. LOL. This week’s Short Sex Stories begin with a recurring fantasy.  At times, I sit and let myself go to a place where I’m sitting between your knees and your cock in my hand.

Granted, the sight of ANY cock is apt to make my mouth water.

But, yours?  Oh, HELL YEAH!  I’m practically drooling in a cup!  Now, just imagine my warm, wet tongue enveloping you to your balls!  Moreover, I can almost taste you as I rub my tits and pussy for you!

Ah! I just love a good mushroom-head as my throat closes around you and I cause you to spasm like an inexperienced teenager!  It drives me to the point of CUMming with you every time.  Instantly, I want MORE of you, even over the phone and that’s what makes it so special.

When you let me inside your head, I am actually there with you!  I can feel every touch, hear every sigh, look into your eyes, smell your scent and taste your body.  And suddenly, I’m screaming and squirting right along with you.  However, there’s one thing I won’t do…I WILL NOT FAKE IT FOR ANYONE!

If you don’t already know me, maybe it’s time for a How to Suck Your Own Dick Post from me!  You can also get some much-needed Sex Therapy!


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