Everyone has their go-to list of best sex positions. Some like doggy style and some just prefer straight missionary.

I thought I had a solid list of my best sex positions, especially after all the free erotic sex stories I love to read taught me so much. So imagine my surprise, when on the night of the hurricane party, that list was redefined. After a couple of drinks, I started feeling really horny. A few glasses of tequila rose will do that to you. A few of my neighbors were in my apartment just drinking and hanging out, like everyone else.

Then my closest neighbor who lives across from me, his name is Elliott, comes and starts kissing me. Not normal kissing but full on making out. His lips felt so great against mine, and when he bit my lip, it sent goosebumps down my back. I didn’t even have time to notice that more people were watching from the open doorway when he pushed me against him, pulling my shirt over my head.

I could hear people watching at this point, but when he put his mouth on my nipple, I couldn’t resist.

So I started taking off his pants. I’m not sure what came over me, but I knew I wanted his cock. And I didn’t care who saw me.

Once all of our clothes were off, he laid me down right in front of everyone on the floor. His tongue felt like heaven flicking against my swollen clit. While he ate me out, my hand anxiously started stroking his cock. I wanted him right then and there. So I started to climb on top of his lap to ride him.

That’s when I heard him chuckle, and he laid down over me with his butt facing me. I thought it was so hot. But I had never done anything like that. Then all of a sudden, I felt his cock thrust inside of me. It was able to hit the perfect spot and it felt so good. It wasn’t long at all, because I was cumming all over his cock.

After catching my breath and my pussy started throbbing, I was able to get a sense of what just happened. When I looked up, I saw about fifteen of my neighbors around us clapping. Apparently, they really enjoyed the show. I was so embarrassed but that didn’t stop me from going back for round two, especially with a new list of best sex positions.

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