Best Sex Positions Ever! My Favorites and Why

Some of the best sex positions on my list are mentioned because, well, they’re my favorite. These made my list based on a few factors. First, the way they feel. The second, their versatility. And third is their ease of access. So, if you’re looking for someone who loves phone sex and wants to try all the best sex positions with you, then this is the adult chat line for you.

Third Best Sex Position

My third favorite sex position would have to be a cowgirl (or reverse) because I love riding a hard cock. I can move my hips to match his. It just feels so deep and I can’t get enough. Knowing that he’s watching my ass pound up and down on his throbbing cock makes me want to fuck him even harder to blow his mind. I love grinding, bouncing, and being in control. Looking over my shoulder while I grip his thighs, there’s nothing he can do but enjoy the ride. I’m in control here.

Second Best Sex Position

Easily, my second favorite position is any position where he has me up against a wall and fucking the shit out of me. Just pin me there, let me wrap my legs around you, and fuck me as hard as you possibly can. You can restrain me if you want so I can’t get away, however, I doubt that I’d want to.

My Favorite Position of All Time is…..

Doggy! Yes, that’s right I love doggy because we can both work it. I love being on all fours with my ass in the air. It feels even deeper than reverse cowgirl and you can fuck me the hardest in that position. I love rough sex so please don’t be gentle. I want you to pound it and beat it up! This is my best sex position.  It gets my pussy the wettest and it makes me cum the hardest.   It’s also the most versatile because it’s great for a quickie.

So, what are some of your best sex positions? Let me know and give me a call for the best phone sex you will ever have. I’ll be happy to fuck you any way you like it.

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