Steven Puts Me In The Absolute Best Sex Positions Ever

Steven Puts Me In The Absolute Best Sex Positions Ever! So I finish a long day and arrive at your place a bit tired and frustrated. I took a shower, then walked downstairs still wet. As you’re in the kitchen I walk over and kiss you on lips lightly. Then, I move my hand lightly behind your head, then kissing your soft neck. Next, I move my hands around your back, as I drop the towel. I begin helping you undress, as you see my throbbing cock. While you’re looking at my hard cock, I lick your lips. Then french kiss you, as my hands grip your ass.

I begin licking your tongue, at the same time I feel your nails dig into my back. “Mmmm yes honey!”, I whisper. I now start moving down to lick your boobs, until your nipples are hard against my tongue. Next, my tongue swirls around your nipple, as you feel some ice on the other nipple. I then look in your eyes and we gaze at each other for a moment.

Best Sex Positions!

You see my cock throbbing again and I feel your hot dripping pussy in my hand. I kiss you deeper, then make you lean back so I can suck and lick your juicy clit. Next, I grip your boobs and give them a squeeze. “Mmm, I fucking love the taste your tangy, yet sweet pussy!” You moan, as I flick your clit with my tongue.

I then lean forward to kiss you, sliding the tip of my hard cock in your hot wet hole. “Oohh fuck, I love the feeling your pussy. I love feeling it stretch around my throbbing cock!” I say in your ear. Slide the whole length into your eager hole. So I tell you how much I love how wet you are. I tell you that you’re like a bitch in heat. Next, I grab your shoulders and kiss you. Then, I slide deep inside you. “Fuck yes, mmm Veronica!”, I moan in your ear.

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The feeling of you wrapping your legs around me, so I can pound you deep is amazing. “Yes, I love your nails digging into my back. Dig them in harder and harder. Yes, I love that hot box! Yes, I love sliding my cock deep inside. I love fucking you so deep stretching that hot fucking juicy box to the absolute maximum. Yes, fuck yes Veronica!”

Finally, I start bending you over the kitchen counter so I can slide in from behind. We kiss more, then you feel me spank your ass. I know you’re a bad little whore and need to be fucked, Veronica. Then, I rub that sexy ass with my hands and it makes me so fucking hard. I love seeing that hot ass, as I slide my cock in and out. Next, I lube up a butt plug and push it into your tight ass slowly. I spread your ass cheeks, as I stroke my cock balls deep inside your dripping wet pussy.

Best Sex Positions!

It was at this point that you came all over my hard cock. I love your hot cum dripping on my balls. Once I could feel your juices drip down me, I spanked your ass. Then, I pulled on that collar you like to wear. I start pounding your hot pussy, as I spank your ass until you cum all over my cock again! Hell yeah, I love pleasing that booty; your hot fucking booty. It makes my cock feel so good and I can’t get enough.

At that moment I started pounding you deep and fast, with big stokes. You feel my cock twitching in your juicy hole, as I pull out unloading in your pussy and all over your ass. I watch as ropes of warm cum begin to run down your crack. That’s what happens when you’re a naughty Vixen! The moment I unleashed my load all over you, that’s when you…well if you want to know the rest of this naughty story, then call me. I will give you every juicy detail! Do you enjoy fantasy sex stories?

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