Kelsey’s knows all the best sex positions

I have been trying out all the best sex positions for anal sex. Its hard to say which is my favorite at this point because I like them all for different reasons. If your into pegging then give these sex positions a try because they are great no matter who is getting the ass fucking. My first position, Doggy style. Ass up and on all fours taking it like a whore. I’ll admit it wasn’t my favorite way to take it up the ass but I like having control. The pain was a little much for me but I still had an intense orgasm. Trying it out on my submissive and a strap on was completely enjoyable. I was able to watch it disappear inside his ass while controlling how deep I wanted it to go.

My second sex position I tried was straddling my man in a chair. This is one of the best sex positions for anal sex. I had complete control over how deep my man went inside me. After straddling him he pushed his cock against my asshole and I lowered my ass onto his cock. It was easy for me tease him from this sex position because at any point I could just stop pushing my ass down. If your submissive probably not the one for you but great for beginners and control freaks. I didn’t find the orgasm to be as intense like it was in doggy style but I still enjoyed it. The third best sex position I tried was reverse cowgirl which I thought was amazing. He slid his cock inside my ass and I once again had the control.

His fingers went between my legs and he played with my clit while I teased his cock with my ass. It’s another great position that lets you tease while you play. You’ll enjoy looking at that ass gape open while fucking it. For guys that love the strap on this position is known as the reverse cowboy. I have tried this out on a few men with my strap on and so far they love it. I’m sure this list of best sex positions will get bigger as I explore them all. Don’t get me wrong missionary is great but its nice to switch things up and keep it interesting. Call me for some strapon phone sex, ass worship or anything that has your cock aching. Lets find your favorite sex position!

Kinky Kelsey