Best Sex Position-I love it from behind but not like you are thinking!

So my girlfriends and I were chatting up about sex the other night and they were coming up with some of the kinkiest things. I never knew I was friends with so many freaks. Part of me wondered if they were serious or just trying to see who could be the most shocking.

I will admit the ones that were the most prudish had the most freakish minds! Don’t let those librarians, I have never been laid looks fool you. They are some wild bitches! Boys, if you ever get a chance to fuck a nerd you should jump on it!

So as we were all sitting around in our panties, drinking wine and laughing someone brought up the subject of favorite sex position. I think it is true that most men love the doggy style position. However, us ladies like it in so many different ways. For instance, I was shocked to learn that my friend Brittany who is rather larger loves riding her man. My first instinct was to say on my back with my legs wrapped around his head letting him drill me! I guess for some rough sex that would be my favorite position.

Satisfy all my holes!

After I gave it some thought though, I realized that is NOT the best sex position. In fact, my favorite with someone I really care about would be ALL the positions! However, with him up against my back on our sides, lifting my leg and sliding his dick into either one of my holes I would be completely satisfied. I love the feel of a man pressed against my back spooning my ass!

Eat her pussy like you want her to suck your dick!

Oh, and guys don’t buy into that insecure bullshit that a lady doesn’t like you going down on her! Get your face between her thighs and eat that pussy like your starving. Trust me, if she is going down on your dick you want her to give you the same treatment you are giving her!

After all, the best sex is when you aren’t finished until you have moved into lots of positions! Of course, if you have lots of guys at once then you can cover all the positions with ease. For instance when I fucked 10 guys at once. Yes, that was a really hot sex story!

The best phone sex is with me, Simone. There simply isn’t anything I won’t do!  What else do girls talk about? Well, I will tell you all about it when we are having sex while on the phone!