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Best sex Fetish for a tight, young pussy to be pounded! So the other day I was playing with myself and this Idea just came into my head that made my pussy dripping wet. My mind wandered into a dark place when it came to me, How hot it would be to have a Submissive accomplice! I imagined myself sitting in the front seat of a car scoping out a high school for the perfect victim. My man in the driver seat, we spot the perfect student to corrupt.

She walked along the side of the road and we trailed slowly behind, waiting for the perfect opportunity to make our move. At last, she is alone no one to hear her scream. We pull up beside her and I open my door grabbing her from behind, pulling her into the car and we drove off. Taking a young girl was exciting enough but what we have planned for her is even better… For us. So we get to our house, it’s very secluded and we drag her by her hair inside kicking and screaming.

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We cut off her clothes with a sharp hunting knife, she was so scared we could feel her shiver. Because she was so scared she could hardly stand and her knees went weak with fear. After we get her naked we tie her to the bed, her cries only bring us pleasure. Looking down at her young naked body makes my pussy dripping wet. I start playing with her tits and she makes sounds of protest, so I slap her in the face. “This is going to happen you little bitch,” I said wickedly. Covering her mouth so she can’t scream, my boyfriend opens her legs to get a look at her tight young pussy. This is the ultimate phone sex fantasy. To our delight, her hymen was still intact but not for long.

He pulls out his cock while I hold her down. Slamming his cock bareback into her ripping her hymen making her bleed. She screamed into my hand feeling his cock tear through her. When he was done with her leaving her cunt oozing with cum, I put on my strap-on to fuck her cum filled pussy. This is the best sex position to force a fuck toy to take your cock!

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