Best Seductive Girlfriend Makes all else disappear.

It takes the very Best Seductive Girlfriend to make you focus on what is important. Feeling my warmth against your body with just our own heat generating the hotter we get for each other. Having foreplay is the ultimate in intimacy for the two of us to experience. Engaging in any sex with you will always be amazing wherever we have it. Removing any obstructions that we may have in any capacity will give us the closeness we crave.

Knowing in my heart that my body can never get closer to yours than when it is just us and nothing can get in our way. Taking my thin white tee in your hands and tugging on it. Pulling it just enough to flash my black lace bra because I know you love it. Growing desire and your growing cock between my legs makes me breathe even harder. Taking what is yours now you pull my soft shirt up and over my head. Peeling off what little clothes I have left on until you have me naked.

Pawing and tearing at you until your body is completely exposed while we kiss.

Dropping to your knees to give this pussy that belongs to you the best Edge Play Phone Sex performance. Running my fingers across your head and gripping it while lost in pleasure. Knowing deeply from within that you are my Fetish. Touching my ass and running your fingers up my thighs has me call out. This Best Seductive Girlfriend needs to ravage you now. We are connected through this feeling which needs no interpretation.

Living in this moment of bliss, climaxing beyond stratospheric heights. Rising above the heavens together and learning there is no comedown unless we say so. Letting go of all the control you think you need will be the sexual freedom you have wanted all along. Give me permission to create the Best Seductive Girlfriend experience for the two of us. Being brought into the rules of being strong, and doing what is expected. 

Yelling inside of yourself for an answer has brought your angel to your feet.

Allow me to lick your wounds and heal your scars. Leading you to a white linen-covered room, I take your hand and guide you to safety. Knowing this is where fantasy comes to life. My angelic touch glides across your shoulders gives you chills. Floating to the floor a feather comes loose. Resting next to my knees, soft and perfect just like everything you see, here with me. Licking my crimson lips and wrapping them around your cock lifts you higher. Throwing your head back in awe of this moment of answered prayers.

Scream out in allowance for all good things to come. Knowing in your heart you are free with me. This place within, the existence you have asked for your whole life. Belonging here in paradise with the woman you love and adore is clearly your prize. Enjoying every kiss, every lick because you created this nirvana with me. Indulging to the Edge Play Phone Sex of the cliff, you breathe along what seems to teeter between reality and fantasy.

Realizing that I, and this experience is real and everything we’ve ever wanted.

Stepping into this new reality together will make our love only stronger. Seductive GFE Phone Sex is what you need every day when you think of me. I have very clever ways of making sure that you do think of me too I’m sure you are aware. When I send those naughty little text messages about how I want to peel every stitch of clothing down your body so I can get to that skin I crave.

The pictures of me topless with I want you written on my stomach laying on the bed you fuck me on. I make sure that your mind never wanders too far without me coming along for the ride. The attention I give you is intoxicating because no other girl has ever given you the lust and love you desire. This is what you want, this is what you need. Come home to me after I have driven you crazy with slutty snatch shots and lick the pussy you have been so hard for.

I have the sweetest tasty pussy for you baby.

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