Get ready for one of the BEST Public Sex Stories Ever!!!

So, Most of you know I was away on vacation for the past week! If you don’t then you do now! LOL! I have the best story ever to tell you a lot of totally crazy things happened to me!  I will tell in my new public sex stories I’m going to be putting out!

You see, I went swimming in the Ocean last week! I guess I should probably tell you that I went to California! So you kinda get an idea of what I’m talking about! Anyways so I was swimming in the ocean about neck-deep when seaweed or something touched my foot! I refuse to believe it was a fish!

Anyways, so I decided to get out of the water! This is where the fun began, a wave it was massive! Like bigger than the Titanic pushed me over! Ok ok, maybe not that big, but I’m tiny!!! Well this wave pushed me over and for some reason, I just couldn’t get up, so this guy who had been watching me for a while got up to come and help me! Which was so nice of him…

Until I lost my swim bottoms!

This poor guy comes over to help me up and gets a full-on naughty girl booty shot! He was a gentleman though, he let me pull my bottoms up and helped me to my feet. I thanked him, he returned to his wife! Poor Old Lady! LOL!

Well, some time went by and it got dark and I went back to my camper that we’d rented (my bestie and myself) And I laid down. Well, not too long after I’d laid down there was a knock on the door. IT WAS HIM!

I know my ass is addicting but DAMN! LOL! Well, I will leave it up to you to wonder what happened and maybe if you call I will fill you in!

Hope to talk soon!  Let’s have some Phonesex!!