I had The Best Public Sex Ever on my Birthday

My biggest fantasy is to have public sex, so today is my birthday and I think it should be a rule that everyone gets to have amazing sex on their birthday. Not that you should not have amazing sex all the time but birthday sex should be rememberable. I love sex and I love sex better in Public Places, its such a turn on for me. Are we going to get caught? Is someone going to see us? Just the thought of it makes my heart race and pussy tingle. Maybe I want to get caught, or secretly hoping somebody is watching us.

Four years ago I went to Vegas for my 30th birthday. That’s right the big dirty thirty. I went with just my husband, who is a pretty shy guy. We started the morning out with bloody marys, and casino hopped all day getting free drinks everywhere. Walking in and out of every casino on the strip to play slots and get a drink until we made it back to our hotel/casino.

Obviously drunk we decided to go to the pool and hot tub area outside before dinner. It was dark out but still lit, and people were still swimming in the pools and in the hot tubs. We got in the one hot tub and there was a couple of younger teenage boys in there, I was super horny starting kissing and feeling up my mans cock under the bubbles. I am not a shy person what so ever, so I said: “hey boys out, go to the other hot tub, it’s my birthday”.

I slid my bikini bottoms off and popped his cock right out his shorts, and hopped on.

So I was not even pretending to be discreet about it. I was rocking that cock, back arched, moaning and groaning. I must have forgotten that we were still at a casino and there are cameras everywhere including all over the pool area. So I was going to town bouncing up and down on my husband cock. My husband Mr shy quiet guy didn’t seem so shy anymore either. All of a sudden I feel a tap on my shoulder and somebody saying excuse miss. I look up with my husband cock still in me, and the security guard says miss you can’t be doing that in here.

Of course, I am drunk and try and play it off, like doing what? The security guard says “really miss, cmon now the eyes in the sky have been watching you for a while, and you have not stopped so they sent me down to stop you.

Hahahhaha busted, but also the best birthday public sex ever!!!!!!

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