When it comes to tools to use for masturbating the market is flooded with tons of choices. Then, you have the option of making your own toys. I was curious about the many toys available and did some research just to see what guys are saying about the best male masturbator. Let’s be honest, everyone has an opinion, and many are conflicting. Each dick may like to feel something different.

After the research, I found a company that makes the most amazing “high-end” male masturbation toys. I was blown away by the effort, time and quality work they produce. Making the best male masturbator requires extra steps. They have come up with a silicone skin called “Fanta-Flesh” and this is as close as it gets to feeling like real skin on your hard tool as you penetrate the holes of this amazing toy. Of course, if this doesn’t appeal to you and you prefer the homemade toys, it is easy to make your own homemade pocket pussy.

These toys come with higher prices, but the experience you

get is worth it.

There are 5 things that matter when you are looking at purchasing quality male toys. First-It is comfortable for both the penis and your hand. Second-the toy has the cum sucking action that you will crave once you experience it! Third-The toy eliminates chances of a death-grip, a.k.a. squeezing your cock off, or damn near. Fourth-Holes and texture provide a friction method for smooth beating action. Lastly, five-It massages the penis, like a warm, wet pussy.

Pipedream has put a lot of effort into creating male masturbation toys that are not only fun but realistic. Some of the reviews I read mention bonding with the toy and excessive use due to the extreme real feel. The “Fuck Me Silly” is white girl style and the “Fuck My Big Ass” is black girl style with a nice bubble butt. These are not the only toys they have, all of them are quality with Fanta-Flesh for that “real” feeling.

This is very real looking. Pipedream makes this great.

Fuck me silly

It may seem trivial when you are searching the toys but remember easy clean up is important. These toys have not only skin that feels real, but they also have deeper holes with thicker walls to provide an entire experience as close to fucking a woman as it gets. That means those deeper holes need cleaning out after you dump your load. Toys like this last longer if it is easy to clean up. Maintenance of such a product is imperative and make the best male masturbator last much longer. The company makes a toy cleaner and you use warm water. Easy peasy.

Now, as I mentioned earlier, this toy comes with a heftier price and weight. Yes, you read that right, weight. The “Fuck Me Silly” weighs in at 20 pounds. That is a lot of Fanta-Flesh. For the “Fuck My Big Ass,” it weighs in at 32 pounds! Thirty-two pounds! That is the size of a small toddler, so you must decide where to put it, keep it or if you need discretion, where the hell will you stash it?! Some of the reviews I read on Amazon suggested naming and dressing your toy. One user kept his toy on the bedside table with red panties on it.

If you want to have the true experience you need the best male masturbator!

For me, until they come out with a full action male fuck robot, I am not naming a toy or dressing it up. Of course, for my choices, the toys are easily stored. I believe toys provide an incredible orgasm and can’t imagine how cool this “fuck me” toy would feel on a rock-hard cock! I have always wondered how awesome it must feel to stick your cock in a warm, wet cunt. So amazing and hot, call me for GILF phone sex and share with me how good it does feel!

Again, the choices are huge. This toy just stood out because of the quality experience. The prices are not so expensive that most guys couldn’t add one of these to their collection of masturbation tools. If you are a cheapskate then you are fucked on getting one. I know there are lots of guys that refuse to invest in their play time and use the ole hand. More power to you baby, I respect your choice. This tool was listed on Amazon for around $250-300 bucks. That really does make this an investment you must take care of if you want it to last.

Proper maintenance of a high-end tool is so important.

Again, there are other choices. The Fleshlight Ice has outstanding suction to drain that cock. Then we have the BlewIt, which is new to the playground. It has a no-slip grip and fits any hand size. There is the Lilith Uterus that is made with Thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), sometimes referred to as thermoplastic rubbers. The entire thing is soft, no casing. Fifi is the low budget male masturbator, easy to pack for the road so you have it on vacation. The Fifi comes with a disposable sleeve so you just toss it when you are done. For those budget minded chaps, it runs around $25 on Amazon.

A good fit may be different from one guy to another, however, if you want to have a life-like pussy at home I suggest you look at the “Fuck Me Silly.” What an amazing choice for the best male masturbator toy. Trust me you should have it in your naughty toolbox. I noticed on some of the reviews and training videos I found, couples were using it too. Heck, I guess you could get the “threesome” fantasy with a real feel and your partner knows about it. The choice is yours and the options are plenty. I wish you well on your masturbating journey!

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