I have to say that I’ve always had tons of male friends.
I love guys I get along with them much better than I do with women.
I found that guys make the best friends. They aren’t catty, nor bitchy (some gay guys can be.)lol
I believe that guys in general make better friends.
I guess that’s because I like  things that guys like. Things like sports, talking about sex, loving sex,
Masturbating all the time .
Guys just tend to be laid-back and often really honest if you’re their friend. I would definitely confide in a man before I would with a female. And I love having Men  friends and I really like knowing how their minds work.
I guess that’s one of the reasons why I love doing phone sex.
Since the beginning of time people have always said how mysterious women are. But I’m gonna tell you right now men are filled with mystery and fun and have the best sexual imagination.
I consider myself a really lucky because I am a PSO.
I get to listen to the hottest, unusual, nasty and obscene fantasies! And then I also get to play with guys that are sweet sexy amazing and also very ordinary at times. I love them all. I never know what kind of fantasy I will have to play  out but it’s rarely boring.
I love listening to him guys stroking their cock. I love the sound of their breathing and of course it’s such a Fucking turn on hearing a guy cum!

I wish I could be right there waiting for you to cum all over me because I have a very strong fetish for cum.. mmm lots of cum
Nothing is to taboo for me ever…
Probably because my own secret kinks are really unusual and very taboo. And I promise you that I do play with my pussy on my calls. I may not cum each and every time but I definitely play with my Tits and my pussy.
I Love learning about different kinks mean guys describe their kinks, I really like getting all turned on along with them it’s like we’re really together!
So never worry about your fantasies when you call me because I promise you I give it my all and it’s just don’t believe in judging I just believe in having a great time.


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