Best edging orgasm ever

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking the best edging orgasm is a tall order. But if you really knew me then you would know how amazing my edging sex games are. I am not the kind of girl that gives you a set of jerk off instructions intending for you to hurry up and blow. That’s just not how I like it at all. I love to take my time and bring you to edge over and over. When I tell you I want you to feel the best orgasm ever, I mean it. But you have to be willing to give me complete control. Follow my voice and do as I say to achieve the best orgasm ever. It starts with you accepting who has the control. Once you understand the games begin. You will listen to every detailed instruction I give you.

Lay back and relax it’s time you get the best orgasm of your life. Grab that cock for me. Now stroke your cock the way I instruct you to. A little JOI is okay as long as you follow my every command. We will start very slow and when I am done you will have experienced the best edging orgasm. Are you ready? Sure you are! Remember stroke very slow. It will be real simple at first. Just stroke it up and down. Take your time there is no rush baby. I don’t want just any orgasm, I want the best orgasm. Pay attention to your cock as it grows in your hand. Feel it grow hard and feel it growing wider. And it will get much more intense the further we go. I am all about pushing the limits. Let’s go beyond what you thought was possible.

Stroke it for Kelsey

When I say stroke faster then stroke it faster. But not too fast, like I said I want to take our time. The more it builds the better the orgasm. So, keep those stroke nice and steady at medium pace. Now that the blood is flowing I want you to use your other hand. Oh baby I hope you wasn’t expecting anything less than the best edging orgasm. Play with your balls for me. Use your fingertips to caress those balls. Uh oh keep it light I don’t want you blowing now! Stroke that cock in one hand but caress those balls with the other. Yes! Now just imagine those fingertips are my tongue circling your balls. Slowly teasing your cock with my tongue is so hot. Feel yourself working up to the best orgasm ever? But now it’s time to slow it down.

Oh I know, you were having so much fun. After bring your cock back down I want to do something extreme. I want you to stroke fast. Oh you heard me right. Fast! But only for a few seconds. When I say stop completely remove your hand from that cock. Then grab those balls and tug. Tug those balls away from your body. You really wanna have some kinky phone fun? Bring a toy to tease your asshole or taint. That will make for the best edging orgasm ever! But I think I have given you a small sample of what you are in for with me boys. And this is nowhere near close to all the things I am going to do to you.

Maybe I will maybe I won’t

I might even just deny you the best edging orgasm for days. The more you build the better it will feel. Just trust me when I say your toes are going to curl and your cock will twitch. I love edging! And I want to show you how amazing it really is. Edge play, pussy denial, tease and more. Mind blowing phone sex is right here waiting for you at phone sex kingdom!