My Mother Makes The Best Cuckold Wife: Family Confessions

My Mother Makes The Best Cuckold Wife: Family Confessions! It’s been so long since I was completely honest with my parents. It’s getting harder to keep my secrets, harder to hide. I have a whole life that they’re not a part of and I miss the closeness we all used to have. I thought about the right way to do this and decided that it would be best if I brought it up while we were relaxing before family movie night. We were on the couch, beginning to watch our film. I was so scared, as I tried to start the conversation. You see, I didn’t want to them think less of me, so I took a laid-back approach.

I snuggled up to my parents and they put their arms around me. Then, I put my head on my dad’s chest and could hear his heartbeat, as he stroked my hair. I took a deep breath and said “I’ve been thinking about our family lately, I miss the REAL closeness we used to have. Remember how we could tell each other ANYTHING?” Of course, they responded by nodding. And I just blurted it all out! I told them about phone sex, my naughty weekends, swinger parties and more!

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I couldn’t tell them EVERYTHING that I’d done, because my family values are important. I did, however, reference and hint at all my dirty deeds. They asked what they could do to make things better, to bring back that honesty. I just said that nonjudgement was the best way. My dad said that they’d never judge me, so I tested that theory. I told them that I’d been fantasizing about what it would be like to dress up like a schoolgirl and be punished by my teacher. I knew they’d like that and I’d like the spanking that came with it. Dads hand went down to my ass and he breathed faster as he asked me what else I wanted.

This was going good and I told them that I wanted to fuck a woman. I wanted to have her finger me, while I sucked on her tits. Mom and dad shifted and then mom squeezed dad’s dick through the blanket on his lap. Then, I told them how I wanted to lick mom’s pussy and have her cum all over my face. I thought of my mom often! Her hot body and gorgeous long blonde hair. Hmmm and her tits, which are JUST like mine always made me horny, to think about.

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Next, I told them how I’ve always wanted to meet a stranger at a hotel and have sex all night long. I wanted a threesome, complete with handcuffs and vibrators. Memories of my past adventure turned me on and I was ready for it, when my dad laid on the floor, then rolled onto his back. “I want to fuck a stranger while you watch daddy,” I said, as mom shoved her mouth on his hard cock. My fingers brushed my pussy and I about lost it. I walked over to mommy, sat down and guided her fingers to my pussy!

Then, I told them that I wanted to dress like a prostitute and be picked up on a street corner, then fucked like a slut. Dad’s dick got even harder, the second I said that. Mommy slid her fingers into my soaking wet pussy easily. She went at me hard and fast, panting as she told me how hot I was. She finger fucked me good, as she sucked on daddy’s cock more!

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I was beginning to realize that I had the same EXACT naughty fantasies as my kinky parents. I guess the apple just fell straight down and I love it. At that moment, I came all over mommy’s hand and she licked them clean. I wanted to feel daddy’s girth inside of me so badly. Also, I wanted to cuckold my mom and make her watch, seeing as though she pretty much just fluffed both of us. Of course, I wanted her to watch and I wanted her to clean us both off after daddy blew his wad deep inside of my sopping wet cunt.

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