Best Birthday Sex: Treating Ourselves to a High-End Wild Night

My birthday is right around the corner and as usual, my awful absentee husband is going to be gone, again. So yesterday while he was showering I took his Amex black card. I decided I’m treating myself because I want the best birthday sex!

I decided that it was going to be a Kalina birthday bash! Who do you think I invited?

That’s right Big Dick Jason and my sexy big tittied neighbor, Breezy. I had the whole day and night planned out. I went on a little shopping trip and bought myself a tight little red dress, with black spike stilettos.  Looking around at a few more things, I decided to get a matching outfit for Breezy. We were going to look drop-dead gorgeous, which went with my plan. I wanted the best birthday sex. I knew everyone liked seafood so I booked a reservation at the most exclusive restaurant in town, La Fin Du Mond.

After thinking about how much alcohol the 3 of us could consume, I decided to spring for the limo as well. It ended up being a great choice because I was on my way to my best birthday sex.

Breezy and I got ready at my house. We joked about high school and how we use to get ready together every day. To reminisce I threw her sexy ass in the shower. Together we washed each other’s bodies, caressing every inch. We even made out a little, you know to get ready for the evening. It took forever to get ready because we kept fooling around. She was leaning over the counter doing her make-up, I snuck up behind her and slid my tongue into her pussy. She jumped and totally fucked up her mascara, but it was so worth it.

While I was doing my hair, she slid her hand up my dress and right up my ass crack. I was so ready for this night to start.

The doorbell rang and there was Jason wearing a white collared shirt unbuttoned at the top and pin-stripe slacks. He looked good enough to eat, even Breezy was dripping for him. The limo was ready to take us on an adventure. We hopped in and immediately began to drink. I paid for the High Roller Package so we had a fully stocked bar and prerolled blunts.

Breezy and I were feeling so loose we began to make-out with each other in the back of the limo, I wanted to make sure she was ready for an amazing evening.

As we took a seat at one of the most prestigious restaurants in town, I reminded everyone the night was all on my husband Raymond. Won’t he get quite the surprise when this bill comes in the mail? I handpicked the most beautiful and plump lobster I saw. They were swimming in this massive aquarium just waiting to become my dinner. Jason ordered the fleet and Breezy got the most incredible King Crab Legs. A man walked around with the most amazing bottle of Glenlivet Aged 50 Years Single Malt Scotch. For anyone that cares, it’s a $42,500 bottle of Scotch.

Of course, Breezy told the very attractive waiter it was my birthday!

As he poured my drink he whispered, “I’ll give you the best birthday sex.”  Boy did this guy know exactly what was on my mind. We sat and sipped away, talking for hours. The evening was drawing to a close and we needed to head home. It was time to smoke and chill. Jason and Breezy were already tonguing deep in each other when they got into the limo. I lit a blunt and that caught both of their attention. I started kissing on Breezy going all the way to her nipple rings, which I played with through her dress.

She called me such a tease and grabbed a handful of my hair.

I pulled Jason’s massive cock out and Breezy gasped as I lowered her mouth onto it. She started going down on him while I went down on her. These two might have actually succeeded in the best birthday sex. They both pushed me down onto the floor of the limo and slid Jason’s massive cock inside me. He slid it in and out slowly while Breezy kissed and caressed my breasts. This went on the entire ride home, switching partners back and forth. When Jason was about to finish Breezy and I stuck our tongues out awaiting my birthday gift from Jason. He unloaded a hot sticky facial onto both of us.

Breezy wiped it into her mouth, opened mine and spit the rest of his hot load into my mouth.

The limo driver dropped us off as I was cleaning myself up, Breezy and I went into the house to spend the rest of the evening drinking wine and making out while Jason went home.

This was one of the best birthday gifts and days I’ve ever had, I can’t wait until I turn 27 again next year.

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