The Best Babysitter Sex Stories Come From Experience! I Have TONS!

Babysitter sex stories are legend, right? That’s a fantasy almost everyone gets into! I love that I have plenty of chances to tell you all my babysitter sex stories! And they cover a lot of ground! I wouldn’t take gum for my payment, but I’d definitely take big juicy daddy cock! Of course those daddies loved to be the nice guy and let their wife relax while they took me home! And who knows what they told those sweet blind wives about why it took so long to get home. I’m betting none of them realized just how much traffic our little town had that late at night!

I’ve got naughty tales of babysitting by the barrel full! And I can’t wait to share them with you! Want to go a step further and act them out? Or do you have your own babysitter fantasy for me?

From the time I was in junior high until I was one of those fresh nubile college girls, I snatched up any babysitting job I could get and all the kids loved me! Having Melissa as a sitter was just like a holiday for them!

We played games and ate junk food and I even took it upon myself to teach those little girls and boys a few lessons!

I’ll tell you about one of my favorite nights right now! After playing with myself on little junior’s bed and helping him shoot his very first load into my waiting mouth, I put him to bed and kissed him below the sheets before turning off the lights and making it downstairs just in time for his parents to come home. Dad told sweet wifey to go take a long hot bath to relax and he’d drive me home… shocker, right? We get in his truck and shut the doors. As soon as we were out of his driveway he had his hand in my panties, stroking my wet bald pussy.

He pulled over after about a mile, groaning as he loosed his giant, rock-hard cock from his pants. I couldn’t wait for him to bend me over and pull down my panties to slide that fuck stick into my hungry little kitty! Oh and he did! And he came! And when he dropped me off at my house, that big thick load was still dripping down my thigh.

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