I have a Juicy Tight Ass and like to have fun and unlike your uptight girlfriend or wife, I don’t think there’s anything taboo not even getting fucked in my Tight Ass.

I bet it’s been ages since SHE let you have anal, that is if she even does that. Me on the other hand? A good pounding in my Tight Ass is a great way to kick off the night, especially if I’m with a guy that’s big and thick.

     I found Joe at a club and he was so hot, I didn’t give any of the other guys any attention. I danced with him, pressing my back against his chest while rubbing my ass against his crotch. He wrapped his arms around me, holding me close as he moaned in my ear. He wanted me so bad and I could feel a firmness pressing on my ass as I moved with him.

 I let him take me to his place and we got naked, our hands tearing at each other’s clothing. Of course, my eyes went straight to what he was packing and saw a tasty piece of meat hanging between his legs. I wanted to throw him down on the bed and ride him all night long, he’d feel amazing in my pussy. I put my hand around it and stroked him, making him harder as my pussy throbbed.

He throbbed between my fingers as he grew and all of a sudden I wanted somewhere else.

We got on the bed and I flipped over onto my hands and knees, shoving my Tight Ass up. I reached behind me and fingered my hole as I asked him to fuck my tight little ass. I said it in a sexy begging voice and he lubed up his dick while keeping his eyes on me.

Then I held my hand out for some and he squirted it on my fingers. I played with my hole, making it slippery wet and loose for him then braced myself on the bed.

 He got behind me and a rush went through me when I felt his head poking into me. I bent lower, opening my hole wider as another inch pushed into me. He felt even bigger back there and I begged him to shove the whole thing into me as a stretching, burning feeling spread down there.

He groaned and held my hips as he filled my ass and I swallowed hard. Then he stayed still for a minute then he started fucking me.

His dick rubbing past my hole as he thrust in and out of it.

 I slid on the sheets as he grunted behind me and I rocked back, getting every inch of him in me when he moved forward. I could feel him deep inside and I let out quick little cries as he kept going. A heavy ache spread in my lower stomach and my pussy felt so tight as we panted and went wild with each other.

His balls slapped against me and juices began leaking down my thighs as my clit started to hurt. It felt like it was on fire and I reached down so I could touch it. I rubbed my clit as he pounded my ass, making my body shake and my tits bounce.

My finger was wet and it slid over the little bump as he buried his dick in me. His fingers bruised me as he shuddered and came in me, filling me with cum as my finger danced on my clit. I pressed down on it and pushed myself over the edge, cumming hard and squeezing my hole tightly around Joe’s dick, making him gasp.

We slowly moved away from each other and laid there in a sweaty pile. I could feel cum and pussy juices leaking out of my holes and staining the sheet under me as I tried to calm down. My hole still felt stretchy and I was too wound up to just go home. I wanted more and I was going to get it.

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