Dear Diary: Longing To Be A Good Obedient Girl For Daddy

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a desire to be looked after by an older man. Also, I’ve longed to be his good obedient girl. Certainly, I don’t mean in a gold digger way! I mean, I want a sexy Daddy to show me just how good sex can be. I want him to teach me how much fun I can have. Fun with my body while he makes me feel safe and loved.

.Grant seemed like he’d be a great Daddy and I knew I’d be such a good obedient girl for him. We talked online for a bit and he knew just how to take control while I got to be sweet and innocent. I even bought a special outfit just for him! It’s a white dress with little ruffles on it, with white stockings. I looked adorable and he loved it. I sat beside him on the couch and he pretended to accidentally turn on a porno during our movie time.

We watched it for a few minutes and it was a hot one about Daddy taking care of the babysitter.

“Daddy, I feel funny down there,” I said, looking down at the floor with embarrassment. “Do you want me to show you how you can make it feel good?” he asked. I nodded, as I could feel my pussy getting wetter. We forgot about the porno as he pulled me onto his lap. His arms felt so big around my tiny body as he held me and I leaned back as he slowly slid his hand up my dress.

He felt that I wasn’t wearing any panties and his fingers brushed over my pussy, making me shiver. “Good obedient girl, I love it when you’re naked,” he said. Right after he slid a finger inside and pumped it until I was soaking wet. I could feel his hard dick under my ass and I rubbed myself on it, making him groan as I said: “Daddy, what’s that?” His breath was warm on my neck as he replied: “It’s something that Daddy needs you to make feel better.” He shifted me and quickly undid his trousers with one hand then pulled his dick out.

“It’s so big!” I said and he helped me straddle him. I lowered myself onto him and moaned as he started to fill my pussy. “Move up and down sweetheart.” he said and I did it a few times while asking “Like that Daddy?” He told me to keep going so I braced myself and began to ride faster on his big dick. My dress rustled between us and he grunted as he told me how tight I felt. I squeezed my pussy muscles around him, adding pressure while also massaging my inner pussy.

I gushed and could feel juices leaking out of me as I went down on him hard, forcing him in deeper.

My clit throbbed and ached as I fucked him and my body began to tense up. “Oh Daddy!” I said with a loud cry as I came and I pushed down on his dick as I tightened around him. He groaned and I felt his dick swell in me as his arm held me closer to him. He came a few seconds later and I felt a wetness spread in me.

I stayed there on his lap and snuggled up against him as we caught our breath. “Thank you, Daddy, that felt good.” I whispered in his ear and he stroked my hair as he said: “I’m glad sweetheart and there are lots of other things I can teach you.” Just the thought of him showing more things made my pussy throb and told him “I can’t wait.” I’m really looking forward to spending more time with Daddy. Have you always wanted a good obedient girl Daddy? I’d love to be that obedient girl for you!

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