This new boyfriend of mine is majorly into tease and denial, which suits me fine, as long as I get my fun, I’m totally okay with him not getting any! He’s very into pleasing me and is very good at licking pussy. It makes his dick raging hard when I ride his tongue and drive him wild with my wet pussy sitting right on his face. One thing I do to him that drives him insane and makes him beg for it is I straddle him and rub my clit with his cock head until I cum and he can feel how hot and juicy I am, yet I won’t put his dick inside.

I’ve even pushed his hard cock back against his belly and slid back and forth on it and gotten myself to cum that way, felling the veins on his cock rub all over my pussy lips and stiffened clit. He’s just oozing pre cum at this point and whimpering driving himself into a frenzy of need. His balls blue with built up frustration and want and desire. Can you even imagine how he begs for me to grab his cock and slide it between my juicy cunt lips? How he says he will do anything if only I will allow him to fuck me…I laugh at his begging. It only makes me want to put his cock in chastity.

I’d say for every twenty times I cum, he’s lucky if I allow him to cum once. It’s always fun to get him riled up and let him watch me masturbate and I can just see his pants tighten as his cock grows. It’s so fun to tease him and lead him on and make him think maybe tonight’s the night. Maybe tonight is the night she will let me cum. The poor bastard always thinks that, yet the cumming is awfully scarce for him these days.