Dear Diary: I Think I Am Obsessed With My New Sex Life

My sex life has gone from blah, to voila and I couldn’t be happier! I find that the more things I do outside of marriage the more confident I’m getting. Love exploring like I’ve been and day by day, my fantasies are becoming a reality! I’m feeling better than I have for the last couple of years and there’s a constant excitement running through me.

It’s becoming an obsession and I can’t stop thinking about this new sex life. There’s nothing like locking myself in my room and letting the good times roll. Sometimes I’ll go to my favorite porn site and watch a nasty video while fingering myself.

 I have all of my favorite toys hidden in the closet and I love to bring them out when I play!

It’s amazing how many different kinds there are; before I started this journey I only owned a vibrator. Now I have a couple of different vibrators and dildos, nipple clamps, crotchless panties and a few other treats. I’ve already fucked a couple of people. I am going to be doing lots more of that, hopefully, while using my new toys. Phone sex is something that I really love and am doing more of it.

Whenever I hear my phone ring I get a rush through me and my pussy starts to throb. I have a profile up on a couple of sites and as I was making dinner I started feeling really horny so I quickly went online and posted that I’d be available for phone sex in an hour. So I put my phone on vibrate and slipped it in my pocket then started serving dinner. I was so nervous while we ate and I was dying for my phone to go off.

It was driving me crazy and my pussy was aching so bad, it was killing me.

With A sex life like this, how can anyone resist? Anyway when we were done my husband got up to go to the living room while I stayed and did the dishes. I managed to get them half done before my phone started vibrating and I answered it in a sexy little whisper. It was Nate, one of my regulars, and I turned my back to the sink so I could lean against the edge of it. I undid my jeans and slid my hand inside as he asked me what I was doing.

I told him that I was touching myself while my husband was in the next room. He called me a dirty slut and I pushed my finger inside, slowly stroking myself. “I know, my pussy is so wet. I need you so bad.” I moaned and felt my juices cover my finger. So I began pumping it in and out of me, teasing my clit, as he panted. He told me he was going to ram his dick up my tight wet cunt.

We kept going, my finger moving as I thought of his big, thick dick and my pussy tightened.

Love the challenge of almost getting caught by my husband. I let out a loud gasp as I came and a few seconds later groaned “God, you were good.” Then I yanked my fingers out of my pussy and shoved my phone back in my pocket before quickly turning back to the sink. I leaned forward so my hair could fall in my face and hide my blushing red cheeks. “How’s it going?” he asked as he went to the fridge for a drink and I tried to sound normal as I replied, “Nearly done.” Are you dying to bring some excitement into your sex life darling? I can most certainly help!

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