I love being someone’s play thing, especially when that someone is a wife who brings me home to her husband. I knew she was married when we started playing online and when she started hinting at meeting I asked her if it would just be the two of us or if hubby would be joining us. She dodged the question and I pushed her until she said that she wanted me to be their sex toy for the night. Obviously I gave myself to them.

Janet took me to the bedroom and I found Chris already there waiting for us. He was naked and I could see that he was already hard. She must have shown him the pictures I’d sent her; they really were dirty. He said nothing as Janet and I undressed each other. She slid my panties off and stayed kneeling in front of me after I kicked them off. She nudged my legs apart and licked along my inner thigh before sliding her tongue to my pussy. She licked along my lips then pushed her tongue inside. She licked along my walls, her rough tongue turning me on. When I was wet and covering her tongue with my juices she stopped and stood up. She looked at her husband and said “I’ve got her nice and wet for you.” Chris was slowly jerking himself off and nodded at the bed. Janet was gentle with me as she laid me down and the bed and said “Now you get to taste me.” She kissed me and I could taste my pussy on her then she straddled my face. She lowered herself down and a sweet, musky scent filled my nose. I could feel the heat coming off her as I put my hands on her thighs, holding her as I licked her outer lips. Janet moaned and I slid my tongue inside her. She was soaking wet and it covered my tongue as I licked her. I could feel Chris fingering my pussy, pumping two fingers in and out of me until I needed more. Janet let out a soft cry as I groaned against her pussy and she rocked back and forth on my mouth. I could feel her juices covering my lips and chin as she moved on me and I licked her faster. Chris held my legs apart as he entered me and I wondered if he was looking at me or his wife as he fucked me. I slid my tongue inside Janet and felt the little bump of her clit. She gasped as I touched it and I kept my tongue there, using my lips and teasing her. She rocked with desperation on me as she let out little cries. I sucked and nibbled on it until I thought she was about to cum then focused on just rubbing it. Her thighs pressed down on me as she came and her pussy gushed juices into my mouth. She stayed on me while Chris kept fucking my pussy. He lifted one of my legs up a bit and changed his position. This was so much better and I came hard, my cry muffled by Janet’s dripping pussy. I clenched tightly around him and he ended up cumming deep inside me.

They were finally done with me and climbed off me. Janet stretched out beside me and played with my hair as she said “It’s still early, why don’t you stay a bit longer?”