Beautiful submissive lover is full of surprises.

How many of you have ever wanted to see how a sub reacts when she gets the opportunity to be dominant?  Over the next few weeks, I will take you through how I trained my beautiful submissive lover to be a fantastic sub and then allowed her to dominate one of my old male partners.

My lover is this beautiful soul. Our relationship slowly evolved as we got to know each other. We did not have sex on our first date and, that is something that never happened to me before.  I usually fuck them and dump them, but this time, I sensed something was different.

As our relationship developed, my dominant side began to emerge. I had no plan when we first became intimate. Without thinking, I started biting her, and to my surprise, she began to writhe and moan until she squirted over and over when she came.

The next time, I put nipple clamps on her and added paddling to our routine in addition to the biting.

I used my special paddle with my name embossed on it.  After a good beating with that paddle, the bruises will have raised ridges that show my name. It is a fierce and erotic way to assert ownership over someone. That night I bit her, clamped her, and spanked her until she came so violently that she passed out.

I gently brought her back to consciousness and drew her a warm bubble bath, opened a bottle of champagne, and we devoured a charcuterie board together.  For you guys, know that domming someone requires that you provide good aftercare for your sub. It is the only way to make your sub secure in your relationship and build the trust necessary to have a loving and endlessly kinky relationship.

We fell into a good rhythm with our days filled with cooking together, visiting art museums and shopping and, our nights filled with lots of kinky sex. From the beginning, her pussy was more than ready for a strapon. Over time, I trained it from cringing when I pushed a seven-inch strapon into her pussy, to begging me to fuck her with an eleven-inch one.

The first time I took out the eleven-inch one, I handcuffed her hands to the back of the bed to keep her from squirming away.

The view was better than any BDSM sex stories I had read. I took her soft and supple legs and placed them over my shoulders as I lined up that giant cock.  Then, I started to push in, and then I pulled out and pushed my cock to her face. I slapped her with it and then made her suck and spit on it. Once it was good and slimy, I pulled it out of her mouth and let some of her spit drips from my cock onto her face. Then I brought that cock down to her pussy, and pushed inside of her with one stroke.

She gasped and then began to push her hips towards mine. My beautiful submissive lover started fucking that eleven inched stick hard, very hard. The harder she tried, the wetter I got.  So moist that I began to squirt while fucking her.  At one point, we were both squirting, and we covered the bed in spray. We came simultaneously and filled the room with passionate moans, bodily fluid, and violent thrusting.

That night I took her to dinner.

She wore the cute new red slip dress I bought her.  She looked so hot. Especially with a butt plug in her ass, a Lovense remote control sex toy in her pussy, and no panties.  All through dinner, I controlled the toy with my phone, and every time the waiter came to the table, I turned up the intensity until she could not suppress her moans.  The waiter enjoyed this immensely, as did I.

That night when we got home, I made her hot tea and let her sleep.  But, when she woke up in the morning, rest time was over.  Until next week …

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