I was their waitress and a nice, high-end restaurant when I was 18. She was gorgeous and her husband was okay looking. He was taller than me, built, but not the nicest looking face. He sure wasn’t terrible to look at though. They left me a nice tip with a note that said,

“Dear Beautiful Girl,

Thank you so much for your wonderful services this evening. My wife and myself couldn’t help but notice how breathtaking you are. We would love to have you over to the house one night for dinner and drinks. Please call us when you get off tonight.


Rachel and William”

I called them that night, and we set a date for later in the week. I didn’t know what to expect so I went into the whole thing very open minded. I’ve always enjoyed older couples so I knew we’d have a good time no matter what.

I knocked on the door and waited for them to answer. The man, William, opened the door and welcomed me in. He was dressed nicely but not over the top. His wife on the other hand was wearing a cocktail dress that put mine to shame! We sat down to chat with some wine while dinner was being prepared.

As we talked, Rachel made her way over to me on the couch. She was sitting much closer than normal. She took my drink out of my hand and placed her lips onto mine. I was shocked yet so turned on. I kissed her right back. Our tongues danced together before you pulled away. She invited me upstairs to her bedroom. I quickly agreed.

We undressed each other while William watch and then crawled into bed. It took me a moment to drink her all in. She had me lie down on my back as she got my knees up and spread open. My pussy was completely exposed to her now. I looked over to William and saw that he was undressed and stroking his cock. He winked at me and nodded towards Rachel. When I looked back at her, she was about to lick my pussy.

As soon as her lips touched my clit, I bucked up into her. I let out a moan that I’m sure was heard from down the street. She slowly licked and fingered me until I came right on her face. As soon as I was done squirting on her, William flipped her onto her back and fucked her until they both found their releases!

As we finished playing with each other they invited me back for another night of fun. I agreed to call them in the morning. When I got home I laid in the bath thinking about how hot and kinky my new friends were. I couldn’t wait to go back for some more pussy eating excitement!




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