My sex-game-addiction was getting out of control. Donny discovered the x rated version of Grand Theft Auto; now never see him. He’s NOT a great fuck. Listen, he’s got a little dick, lousy technique, bad hair and he’s stupid. But he’s MINE.  So, I’m NOT gonna lose him to some DIGITAL BITCH! I made plans with Misty for the next night & we prepared.

I showed up at his place about 7 PM and, of course, he’d forgotten our date; playing that stupid fucking game!  I ran my hands thru his hair, cooing in his ear, “C’mon baby, I need you to fuck me.”

“In a minute Jo. I’m almost at high-score!” he whined.

Then, Misty came through the door and pushed me onto the couch.

“If you won’t fuck her, you jerk!  I will!”

With that, she lifted up my skirt and began eating me out better than Donny ever did. Soon my juices were flowing from my pussy like water. So, he can KEEP that sex-game-addiction!

I saw Donny look with a jaw-drop!  Misty lifted up her skirt and buried her 8” strap-on deep into my juice-box. I played with my clit in time with her thrusts & soon I was squirting all over Don’s Playroom.

Who knew that I’d get on board with him being so distracted by gaming?  Whatever!  If I can get my pussy eaten like that, I’ll take it anywhere I can find it! Misty has 2-thumbs up on pussy munching. Let him PLAY!

Finally, he showed his little dick. “I want in-on-this-action!”, practically drooling with lust.

Then, Misty & I laughed.

“Sorry, Babe, you had your chance to put down your toy.  After all, I don’t need a man for orgasms anymore!


So, Baby. I hope you know how to use that joystick, Lover!”