BEating Around The Bush!


Ever wonder where the expression Beating Around the Bush came from? In medieval times, it meant that the king’s men would beat the thicket with sticks to flush out the prey. If you read one of my previous blogs, then you know I’m big on instruction blogs. So, strap in, Here we go again. I’ll take you on an epic evolution of the history of “the bush” Haha.

Beating around the bush is a truly personal adventure. Pussy hair usually begins sprouting around the ages of eight and thirteen for girls, and somewhere near nine and fourteen for boys. Did you know that the evolution of genital hair began somewhere around 3,000 BC in Egypt? Men and women began removing almost ALL of the hair on their bodies using sharp stones or bronze in place of the razors or wax we now use. Yes!

Talk About PAIN In Beating Around The Bush!

Beating around the bush is never a “pain-free” method, but it sure is worth the trouble. The Ancients were also the first to use, “Sugaring”. It’s a method of waxing. But, no beauty CUMS without a little PAIN! Right? It’s probably why far fewer men endure the practice of hair removal. Can you blame them? I am a ballerina by profession, so you can imagine the torture I go through! Mine started as soon as the hairs first showed up!

Then, next at bat in beating around the bush came the Greeks who got in on the fun around 650 BC. They employed the “plucking method”! Ouch again, right? Moreover, can you imagine that pain? One hair at a time? Yikes! Enter the “landing strip“. So some endured the never-ending pain of plucking it all, some wiser women thought of a new trick by only plucking some of the hair and making what was left into a decorative “strip”.

Why Beating Around the Bush Became a Thing.

But, in the 15th and 16th centuries, women thought that beating around the bush would help avoid hair lice, so they trimmed with scissors, but the Queen of England kept hers intact. Haha. She who is in charge makes all the rules, I guess.  Enter, the Merkin. It’s a pubic wig meant to maintain modesty. But, what the fuck? You’re already naked! In the 1940’s in America the bikini and the “trim” came into fashion, (so to speak), and that introduced shaving to tame the beast.

In the 60s and 70s beating around the bush broke free when women were encouraged to embrace their sexuality. A natural and full BUSH was on trend and a symbol of counterculture. But, by the 80s, highcut workout gear dictated that women tidy up down south and Nair gained popularity. By the 90s, when I was born, the Brazilian wax came battling to the forefront and we embraced the bare look again. But, not without pain.

No Pain, No gain when Keeping Him Happy Too!

Beating around the bush got creative in the new century and we began applying crystals “down there” as a way of showing it off! They were applied to the bare region and we called it “vag-azzling“. So, fast forward to 2023, We cum in all shapes and sizes downtown and lots of men have a preference. Some don’t care, as long as they get to eat it out! Just give us that orgasm!

Whatever you and your lady decide on is fine by me, as long as it’s fresh and clean. Some men prefer a little tang to the ones they eat, so GO FOR IT! I always keep mine super clean, bald, and pineapple-flavored. But, you do you, Boo! When you eat it right, she will CUM! So, remember the rules. Don’t just lick around it, get in that hole and make her squeal! She’s yours. Keep her happy… Pappy! Giggle.

Need A Refresher Course On How To?

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Kiss, kiss.

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