“Colin, you don’t need to understand everything. You just have to do it. If Daddy wants you to be his little girl and call you Connie then all you need to do is just DO IT. You need to be a good boy for Mommy and Daddy. So….now Connie…..put these panties on and get pretty for daddy.”

I could tell that Colin was somewhat scared but also very excited. I knew I had to make him as pretty as a girl for his daddy and that Colin had to answer him when he said Connie or there would be hell to pay and I wasn’t going to pay it. My grown up “panty boy” was about to graduate from raiding  mommy’s  dirty clothes hamper for my soiled undies and stroking his cock through the soft satin fabric to being pumped in the ass by his daddy.

With Colin all dressed up in my kinky and still stinky lingerie all I had to do was put on the finishing touches to transform a him into a her. With a strawberry blonde shoulder length wig, eye shadow, mascarera and lip gloss Colin turned into the beautiful “CONNIE”.

“Get on your knees and lean and over the bed, Connie and spread your legs.” He is obedient to my command. Just then my husband walks through the door naked and stroking his cock as he eyes Connie’s sweet little ass. Colin calls out to me. “I’m on my knees mommy. Should I spread my legs more?”. “Oh yes, honey, spread them wide and arch your back and stick your butt up in the air. Daddy wants to touch you now. So be a good girl, Connie.” Colin does what I ask becomes Connie for his daddy.

My husband slides his finger inside the satin panties and starts to finger Connie’s butt hole. Colin screams, “Mommy…daddy is hurting my butt hole.”. “Relax your muscles honey. Let daddy finger you.” “But it hurts”. I suddenly take the lubricant squirt inside rim of the panties and in hole. “Does that feel better, Connie? Daddy’s not fingering your butt hole, honey,….you’re Connie…..that’s your pussy, honey,…..daddy is fingering your pussy. How does it feel? How do you like it now with the lubricant?” “Oh mommy,…oh daddy is making my pussy feel good. It is better when I relax my muscles. The lubricant makes daddy’s fingers slide deep in my pussy. Mmmm it feels good now. ”

Good Boy
Good Boy

My husband put his cock in Connie’s face and said in a deep voice, “Suck it baby girl. Suck daddy’s cock, Connie. Be my good girl.” Connie didn’t hesitate. Daddy made her pussy feel so good she wanted to suck his cock. She swallowed and deep throated and choked on it and daddy moaned with delight. His cock grew hard as Connie sucked it. Then all of a sudden he pulled his cock out of Connie’s mouth and begged, “Let me put it in your pussy…your pussy…I want your sweet pussy, Connie.

Connie pulled down her satin panties, bent over and let her daddy punish her virgin pussy. She loved it. She backed up on daddy’s cock and cried….”Oh daddy….daddy……fuck my pussy daddy.”

Oh my…..my  Colin was such a good Connie. And he listened to mommy when I said….”Be a Good Girl for Mommy and Daddy.”

Written by GENIE (888) 643-2055