My dream BBC vacation destination: Atlanta!

I was visiting Atlanta for a week and a friend of mine agreed to let me stay with her. When I arrived she showed me around her place. The kitchen was right next to the living room. She had set up a curtain around the fold out couch in the living room so it was like a private room. I loved it! My own little VIP suite, perfect for enjoying the local BBC buffet . . .

Early on the third day of my vacation, Sheila told me that at some point during the day someone was going to come by and do some type of repair on her refrigerator. She asked me if I would let the refrigerator repair guy in since she would be at work. I already had plans for a naughty afternoon with an old fuck buddy I hadn’t seen since my last visit, but I figured the repair guy would show up first so I agreed.

Around noon I finally heard a knock at the door. And it wasn’t the repairman — it was my service-providing man, Ty. His shirt was partially open, exposing his dark chest and jacked abs. My eyes traced downwards  . . . did I mention yet that my favorite thing about Ty is his big black cock? Even just seeing that swelling bulge in his jeans made my pussy start to drip.

I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled him inside. I led him to my make-shift room and threw him on my bed. Then I got on top of him and pulled his mouth up to mine and teased him with my lips. I ran my hands up and down his chest, he put his arms around me, and I shoved him down on the bed. So I was prepared for fun and had set up some restraints on the bed. I held them up and Ty smiled.

I locked his wrists in the cuffs and ran my hands down his arms, chest and down to his pants. Then I pulled open the button and made my way to the zipper. I pulled it down and I could see his cock almost bursting through his boxers. He lifted his hips and I pulled off his pants, boxers in tow. His cock was rock hard, thick, and at attention. Being as prepared as I was, I had forgone the panties. I lifted up my dress exposing my wet pussy, and climbed on top of his throbbing BBC.

I started riding him, slow at first, I wanted to tease him, make him wait. So I slowly slid his cock all the way inside me . . . and just when I took all of it, just when my pussy lips made it around the base of his cock . . . then I heard another knock at the door.

“Shit!” I groaned as I pulled myself off that gorgeous cock and straightened my dress.

“Be a good boy and keep quiet,” I instructed him, pulling the curtain closed. I walked through the hall to the door and let him inside. Did he notice my out-of-control sex hair and those beads of sweat on my face? Oh well . . . I didn’t really give a fuck anyway!

“Hello Ma’am, just here to fix the fridge,” he said in a boring, monotone Southern drawl.

“This way.” I led him down the hall and through the living room, right past my tied-up fuck buddy behind the curtain, and into the kitchen.

“Let me know if you need anything,” I said making my way back to my secret sex cove. I entered, quickly closing the curtain behind me. Ty looked up at me and smiled, he knew I couldn’t resist the idea of fucking him while someone was close by and oblivious.

We had to be quiet, so I held my finger up to my lips as I climbed back on top of him, my pussy even wetter from the thrill of potentially being caught. I rode him hard and fast, his cock filling my entire pussy. It was REALLY difficult to not make noise, especially since he was fucking me so hard.

From the kitchen, we heard the repair guy mumbling sheepish apologies before asking: “Um . . . Ma’am? Ma’am, could I ask you a question real quick?”

Between stifled moans, I managed to blurt out “Coming!”

And I WAS cumming. It was just gonna be after I finished getting my daily dose of vitamin BBC, though . . .


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