BBC Teen Sex Slave – Recruiting Sissy Boys To Service Them

Meeting Devin was life-altering for me. He is sexy, smart, enigmatic and an all-around great guy. Devin stands 6’5″ with a muscular physique and a great big cock that makes my pussy dance a jig. We met and I was smitten. Our relationship is a whirlwind relationship and I love living in the tornado. He is training me to be his BBC Teen Sex Slave, sending me out to recruit sissy boys to serve him and his friends.

Of course, I am this sexy young blonde with an open appealing face so it is so easy to find willing victims. Ha, I say victims but they are far from a victim. Most are more than willing to service Devin and his studly friends. My latest conquest is E and he is so adorable. The perfect sissy boy looking to be used and abused by big cocks. Presented with this BBC teen sex slave, he was more than happy to help me out.

Devin and his crew are looking him over now and very happy with their BBC Teen Sex Slave.

E is sitting there like a proper diva just waiting to handle all the BBC these boys throw at him. Telling E they want to see his goods, he has to strip down right now in front of all of them. Happily, he jumps up and starts disrobing. As he gets down to his undies, we all see a pretty pink satin pair with his hard little pecker poking through.

My BBC boys are laughing and telling him they are loving his panties. They are happy to see he is excited about our fun. Upon being instructed, E drops to his knees and starts undoing all their pants. Consequently, he is as fast with their pants as he was with his own. For this little party, I am the camera girl and cum whore if commanded so. All those BBC’s are standing at attention.

In no time at all, E has one in each hand and one in his mouth.

He is better at this than me. Okay, not really but he sure is giving it his all. My slutty teen pussy is tingling with excitement as the show is beginning. Three big black cocks getting this sissy boy’s attention and care. The guys are moaning when E sucks their dicks. Damn, what is he doing to them in that mouth?! I am trying to watch and learn as I am filming the fun.

When I do close-up shots, E is smiling happily at me. This guy is having the time of his life, all while helping out a BBC teen sex slave. Now, I know that is what people would call me but the truth is it is great to be their little bitch. All those big black cocks fucking me day in and day out, then I get to be a part of great moments like this. My cum filled pussy compilation is just one example of the other amazing moments I can share with you!

Now, it is time for E to get some cock in a new hole!

The boys bend him over as he is continuing to suck Devin and give Jason a handjob. Alex is behind him lubing up his huge black penis. As he does that he is sliding lubed fingers into E’s tight sissy butthole. Furthermore, the pleasure is so intense, E is moaning as he sucks Devin. I make sure to move in for closer shots of Alex entering E’s perfect little rosebud ass.

Holy shit, that is one tiny hole and Alex is stretching it as I have never seen before! E is letting out some tortured sounds with his moans now. Being so close I can tell it has to hurt as well as feel good to him. Alex is taking his time to fully penetrate his ass and it still looks rough.

Finally, Alex is balls deep into E’s asshole.

He starts fucking him slowly and in no time E is moaning as his cock is leaking cum. Devin unloads his jizz down E’s throat and lets Jason get in on that sweet mouth action. Devin looks at me and says it is time for me to take care of him. This BBC teen sex slave is more than happy to service her guy. I take his hand and lead him to the chair by the guys. He is smiling at me as I go down on my knees. Then…

Want to hear how the rest of the night went? How well E took all that BBC? Well, all you have to do is call me and I will give you all the nasty details!

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